Opera House Parking Manchester


If you are a regular theatre goer  will know that Manchester Opera House parking costs a fortune. So here is how to get Cheap Opera House Parking In Manchester. Click Here For Cheap Palace Theatre Parking.

However finding parking, or the right car park is a nightmare. And the queue to pay at the end drives me mad, when all you want to do is go home. Thus I wanted to share a few tips on cheap theatre parking in Manchester for the Opera House.

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The Opera House Manchester

The Opera House has secured special theatre goes rates with selected local car parks. Thus giving you the opportunity to get cheap, but safe and secure parking in Manchester.

Discount theatre parking  makes a such a saving on the cost of an evening our in Manchester.

So here is how to get cheap theatre parking in Manchester?

Where Do You Park For The Opera House Manchester?

Parking near Manchester Opera House costs £8.50 for 6hrs58mins ( subject to change). You must validate at the theatre using the below car parks only. No other car parks will be validated.

Which Car Parks Offer An Evening Rate Near The Opera House Manchester?

Spinningfields NCP car park  postcode M3 3BE costs £8.50 and is a 4 minute walk to the Opera House. However you must park at the correct car park to get this reduced theatre parking evening rate. Additionally as NCP car parks have now gone digital theatre parking has never been easier.

Opera House Parking Manchester

How To Pay For Digital Parking In Manchester

You must arrive after 5pm and leave before 11.59 to get the rate. And the beauty is that because the car park is digital you don’t have to queue to pay after then show. Although you do have several options to pay and queuing is one. But why would you when you can jump in your car and pay when you get home?

  1. Get the NCP Park Pass Ap, you can set the app up to autopay, pre register your number plate and turn on app, you payment will be taken automatically. 
  2. Pay at a pay stations, if you really want to queue you can, camera recognition picks up you car as you drive in. Simply put your car reg in the machine and you are able to pay immediately, but also have to leave the car park as soon as you have paid. 
  3. Pay online when you get home, now this really scared me at first, but it’s very clever. Simple head over to the NCP website when arrive home, pop in your number plate and a picture of your car come up with a rate. However this must be done within 24 hours of entering the car park in the first instance.

What Happens If You Get Over Charged For Parking?

Don’t worry, this has happened to me once and as long as you were in the right car park for the right amount of time, simple call up and they refund the difference onto your card, you just need to give your car registration. Cameras catch you going in and out so everything is recorded.

I hope that helps. The system is all brand new and a bit daunting at first, but it really does make life so much easier. And if you do love a great show. check out my latest reviews here.

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