Nora Mattress Review And Getting A Better Nights Sleep


I love my little blog and some of the opportunities it has brought my families way. Getting to share my honest opinion about things I love is an honour. It has taken us to some incredible places in the world and brought some amazing people into our lives.

But sometimes you get a little opportunity that makes you do a little jump for joy. And being asked to give and honest review of the Nora Mattress was one such opportunity that had me doing a little jig.

You see I love the chaos my life and blog brings. I thrive on busy. We all do, its how our family rolls. So when Wayfair introduced Nora, the all new and affordable premium foam mattress-in-a-box and asked me to test it out.  I had to think about it, for all of 2 seconds.

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You see the thought of having to spend a little extended time in bed (purely for research purposes of course) was all to appealing. Nora promised me “sophisticated sleep technology to deliver an outstanding rest. Which also provides an optimal balance of support and pressure relief, and a cooling cover that regulates body heat better than other mattresses.” A promise like that is too hard to resist.

Tips for a better nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep

But you can’t take their word for it can you? I felt I had a duty to fully put this mattress through its paces.

To see if Nora did help me to get a good nights sleep, and maybe test it out on the odd lie in! Oh and afternoon chill out, I had to take the testing seriously.

Ok I admit the risk is pretty low with Nora offering a 100-night risk-free trial for your new mattress. But as a busy parent it was my job for purely selfless reasons to take the mantle and sleep on it for a while.

We last changed our mattress 7 1/2 years ago. At the time it was an investment purchase, it felt like the comfiest mattress in the world. But somewhere along the line, I don’t quite know when, it lost its shape. I suppose when you think of over 7 years of family raising. Of sleepless nights, with young children climbing into bed with us, bouncing on the bed and all piling in on Sundays mornings because it was just to early, can take its toll.

How often should you buy new mattress

Chilling with the new Nora Matress from Wayfair

Then this time last year I started to get a few health problems. To be more specific a pain in my right lung, it was scary I have to say. I have had 2 lots of X-rays, Blood tests, physiotherapy and yoga but nothing stopped the dull aching. The only time it stopped was when I was on holiday, (which I put down to a change of air) I had everyone scratching their heads. But had sort of got used to the pain.

Then my new Nora mattress arrived. We had already decided it was time to get a new mattress and had started to do our research into the best place to buy a mattress, It had never occurred to me to buy a mattress online. Yet with the 100-night guarantee ordering a mattress online from Wayfair feels like an easy option when you have little time. It came vacuum packed in a box which was manageable, enabling us to put it on the bed, cut open the plastic and watch it take shape.

And here is the thing! My pain has stopped,  after months of tests and uncomfortable nights sleep. All that worry about my health and I just need to change my mattress. After 2 weeks sleeping on Nora the pain has gone.

Nora Mattress from Wayfair and changing your mattress

when should you replace your matttress

We spend around a third of our lives in bed. I know that shocked me too!

And here I was my body screaming at me for goodness sake get me a NEW MATTRESS and I missed the signs. It’s so important to be in tune with our bodies, to listen when it’s telling us something is wrong. But this shows how easy it is to read those signs wrongly sometimes, to look for something more than there is.

Now I am not saying go and throw out your mattresses. But what I am saying is be mindful of when it needs changing, listen to your body. Ask yourself if you are getting a good night sleep. Because for the sake of the third of your life you spend in bed it has to be right. And now we have Nora in our life I remember what a great night sleep really is.


7 thoughts on “Nora Mattress Review And Getting A Better Nights Sleep”

  1. A good mattress is everything! I’d not heard of Nora before, definitely one to look up when we eventually sort out our spare bedroom x

  2. This sounds ace we could do with a new mattress for B’s bed but waiting for the loft to be build and sort it out for him. Not heard of Nora will keep this in mind. #wrc

  3. I absolutely could not agree with this more – a mattress is well worth investing in and changing much more regularly than you think. We underestimate how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, until we aren’t getting one! It often can be as simple as changing the mattress. This one looks amazingly comfy and it sounds like it is! xx


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