Nixplay Digital Photo Frame Review.


I have a special little review today, something I needed desperately, even though I didn’t think it was something I needed. That was until I unboxed my glorious Nixplay Digital Photo Frame. Yes, I was gifted the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame to review. But I can’t tell you how fantastic this little sharer of memories really is.

I say this a lot, but life is for living and making memories, and I think we do that pretty well here in the Christie household. But where do I keep all those precious memories? Ok, I keep a lot are here on my blog and my YouTube channel. Joe and I spent a glorious afternoon watching old trips on YouTube last week!

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Nixplay smart photo album

But so many are on my phone, those candid family memories that I occasionally flick thorough and no one else gets to see. Most importantly, I don’t share them with the most important people, my family.

A photo or video clip can take you straight back to a certain moment in time, ask yourself this; Do you ever look at a photo or clip and say, nah I can’t remember that moment? No, me neither. They are important snapshots in our history, a tiny frame of our very being.

Nixplay smart photo frame

What Is The Nixplay Digital Photo Frame?

It’s exactly as it says, a digital photo frame, but with a difference, its a place to store all of your memories.

How Does The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame Work

It enables you to keep family photos in separate playlists. For example, Saint Lucia, 40th birthday party, family moments and seasonal playlists. Or you can just play a mix of all of your playlists in one.

family photo storage

It’s A Digital Photo Frame That Plays Video

The beauty of the Nixplay, is that it also allows you to play video clips, with or without sound. You can add 10 video clips into each playlist, allowing you to dot video moments between family photos in a playlist.

Geekish I know, but I love this feature its almost Harry Potter’ish. Being able to playback little clips of time is my favourite part of the Nixplay. Once set up on a playlist it just runs, so moments you would not necessarily look at often are playing on a loop.

It’s A Wifi Digital Photo Frame That Connects Your iPhone.

So how do you get all this content on the screen? It’s simple, once unpacked, decide whether to use the stand or mount onto a wall. Then connect to the WIFI.

Once connected to the WIFI you will be able connect to a device. Now download the Nixplay App and sync to a photo frame. You can click through all of the photos using the remote control.

Nixplay smart digital photo frame-2

Which Devices And Programmes Can You Use Nixplay With?

The app is free and available on Apple Store and Google Play. Photo’s can be synced from your camera roll, google photos, facebook, instagram, drop box and flicker. The Nixplay is also comparable with Alexa.

Set Up Playlists And Go!

All you need to do now is scroll though you photos and videos and make a playlist. Once you have chosen it syncs to the Nixplay and stores it in a cloud, where you can choose and play in HD quality. No need for memory sticks or moving photos about, you simply choose on your smartphone app and go.

Nixplay Library
Family photo display from iPhone on a digital photo album

You Can Also Share Your Playlists With Other Nixplay Users.

You can share photos or full playlists with other Nixplay users making family sharing so much easier.

The Screen Has An Integrated Motion Sensor.

Thus enabling you to set your playlists as mixed, or in portrait or landscape. As you turn the screen just like a smart phone or tablet the Nixplay recognising the action and flips the photo.

My Thoughts On The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame?

I love it! It has brought so much joy already, you just don’t have space to store all the photos you love on the wall, and some may not be perfect, but you still love them. With the Nixplay you can share moments and most importantly videos and have all those wonderful family memories right there on display.

But Sometimes Its Easier To See For Yourself So Check Out My Video

Even better on of my readers has the chance to get their hands on a Nixplay of their own. Just enter via the rafflecopter below and best of luck.

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My Nixplay was gifted, but all my thoughts are my own.

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Review of the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame which connects directly to a smart phone and plays videos as well as photos

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