New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga


Today I have been chatting over on the Laura Ashley Blog about new years resolutions and how I am embracing yoga. 

About setting small but manageable targets. Rather than aiming to set the world on fire with grand plans of climbing mountains and being stick thin within 3 weeks time.

For me it’s all about seeing what’s achievable, and if it isn’t breaking it down. And inspiring the boys to do the same, and not have that, give it one go and give up mentality. But it’s hard sometimes isn’t it? To practice what you preach with an ever-observing audience. And the older kids get, the more critical they get. They notice the fails and you can’t bluff them.

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Setting goals has to mean following through and leading the boys by my example.  Having a never give up attitude. Its also important not to set sight to low; there is a fine line. I want them to go through life having goals and setting targets to achieve them. Knowing you can achieve anything you want in life. But you have to work and plan for success, it is not going to knock on your door. And when you get it respect it, care for it and keep earning it.

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

There is no point spending months exercising getting fit and then going on a month-long cake eating binge. Yes, it sounds wonderful, what a treat after all that work. But it doesn’t work like that does it?

And that is one of the benefits of yoga that I never expected. The ability to reflect more, step back and take a minute, rather that rushing in.

Yoga is not only about the body, but the mind too. When I booked into my first lesson I was a bit stressed at the fact it was an hour and a half. I didn’t feel I could dedicate that much time to relaxing and focusing. What I didn’t factor in was how much the mind needs that, and the body. How amazing that hour and a half can make you feel.

And how Yoga focuses the mind and equips you for dealing with anything, making you calmer more logical. And as a passionate impulsive person my brain needs that training and reminding. Because if there is one thing I can be guilty of it’s jumping in feet first.

It has also taught me how to turn my mind off, so family time had become just that. I am now able to shut off from work and focus on my family 100% at the weekend, because some things can wait. And actually what can you do about it at the weekend. Write a note and it can wait until Monday. We can go for a Sunday walk, I can watch the boys play football then nip off for a Yoga class and focus on whats important in the here and now.

So will I keep up with Yoga? Well, for one I have a shiny new and very beautiful Yoga Kit, if thats not a reason to go then I don’t know what is?

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

Only time will tell, but for now I have every intention of attending my weekly classes. Absorbing all the relaxation and focusing techniques like a sponge and getting fit at the same time.

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

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  1. Love the bag Sarah and glad you enjoyed yoga. My mum goes to yoga every single week, and my nan did yoga into her eighties. I remember her being 90 and showing the kids a yoga pose, I was in awe. Totally agree about little resolutions instead of big huge ones x


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