New Years Boosts And Re-Forming Healthy Habits


Is it just me that has really struggled getting back into a healthy New Year! I can’t believe I am saying this in February?

It’s as if I have drifted into this year amidst a cloud of chaos and drama and as a result have been left feeling a bit jaded and full of a cold. That is not like me AT ALL.

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As a result of all this chaos I have been the gym less, managed my time far less affectively, ate worse and felt more stressed.

So yes, it may be a bit late for resolutions but in the last couple of weeks I have been pulling all my good habits out of archive, dusting them off and being strict with myself. Because January is over now, yes I can blame the month, school dramas and shocking colds. But blame never helped anyone did it?

And you know what? I am starting to feel better! Snuggling by a roaring fire sipping soup may be a quick fix to feeling rotten but in all honesty that just motivates me to snuggle more, skip the gym and chill.


After January blues I am hitting February highs by making a few simple changes. The Boots Wellness page offers a great place to start with hints and tips on getting match for the year ahead. And here is what I have done so far.

Exercise more

I haven’t made it back to spinning yet, but enjoyed lots of long walks and ensured I have made my yoga classes. Yoga for me is the first step to self-care and discipline. Yes, there are benefits from the movement and stretching. But it’s the mindfulness that benefits me most. Closing my busy mind and being in the here and now. And training myself to be able to wind down after a busy day.

How to get more energy? Exercise is the best way to combat lack of energy, along with a few simple steps you can build energy levels back up in no time at all.

Reflect more on concerns rather than acting

I have been so stressed over school issues lately that I have been frantically trying to solve it, it feels major to me, and I am not 100% happy, I do have concerns about Joe’s education and the classes he is in. But have also realised I need to give myself time to think, to make the right decisions, to plan. And you can’t do this with a frazzled mind, yoga and lots of sleep is helping. I now realise that some situations need a bit of a calculated approach rather than panic.

Cook Healthy 

Plan healthy meals and use healthy ingredients, use good fats such as coconut oils and extra virgin olive oil. And cook from scratch with lots of vegetables. For me knowing what is in my families’ food is a huge deal, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are in control of what your family consumes. Cooking from scratch need not take longer. There are so many healthy meals that are quick and simple to make.

Quick and Easy Midweek Meal

I have also incorporated vitamins into my routine, a vitamin c drink is great for starting the day and is generally the first thing I do when I get up in a bid to keep colds at bay. But is also a great boost in the morning.

Make Time For Something You Love

Whether that is a little pampering, a face pack, a spa session. Alternatively a little crafting or baking, make that time. Doing what you love is soothing. And you should never feel guilty doing something that you enjoy and makes you feel calm.

A little self care and crafting to feel great

Relax In The Evening 

This is my downfall it’s so easy to work for an hour or two. However I am trying to reduce my working hours in the evening and stay away from social media in a bid to wind down and relax. Taking a bath, reading a good book and lighting a candle is the perfect way to wind down. But ultimately it is staying way from those blue screens as it has been proven they stimulate the brain to allow you to get a restful nights sleep.

I plan to keep up with this moving into spring and beyond

It’s astounding how a few simple lifestyle changes can make you feel soooo much better. However it also shocked me how my good habits slipped over the festive period, thus resulting in lack of energy, clearly a little self-evaluation goes a long way. But with a Caribbean holiday planned I can’t afford to slip again. Onwards and upwards into 2018!


This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own


6 thoughts on “New Years Boosts And Re-Forming Healthy Habits”

  1. It’s all about making those choices isn’t it? Like you said, it’s easy to blame external circumstances for why we feel rubbish, but it’s within our power to make different choices that will help us feel better. I love yoga for my mental and physical wellbeing too and that chicken recipe looks delicious! I hope all the school stresses get sorted soon and that you’re soon feeling like yourself again x

  2. I’m doing somethings well but am struggling (big time) with chocolate!!! I’m walking a lot ore since the new year and am definitely making an effort to relax more (with candles and Netflix) in the evening. I’m even doing well on the cooking front but my downfall is eating too much chocolate. It has to stop!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more, if you’re already feeling low then it is so easy to fall into a ditch. I think its important to take some time to recover then asap you need to get back to some normality. I love the idea of your crafting x


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