My Weekly Round Up, Getting Organised


Helloooo I didn’t share an update last week, you know when you seem to be doing a lot of behind the scenes work, all a bit boring, planning, seo, renovations stuff!  But we feel like we are getting somewhere decision wise.  There are so many exciting things coming up at home and for me and a few concerns to! This current moment in time feel a bit like the lull before the storm.

Watching Motown The Musical 

I was so excited about Motown The Musical. Being a huge Motown fan, I knew it would be amazing but it far exceeded my expectations. It was like being at a party, the audience were singing the whole way through it was the most up beat performance with an electric atmosphere.

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Getting Back To The Gym 

Due to my cold I had missed the gym for weeks, and then it just got into a vicious circle where I just didn’t want to go. I decided to set myself some targets and last week my aim was to make one class. It chose a step dance class, which may have been a bit tough!!! but I did it, and all the ladies in the class were so lovely and supportive. Despite the fact that at times I was going in a different direction to the rest of the class. I then found walking a challenge for a couple of days ( If ever there was a time for a laughing emoji, it’s now!)

However aching aside I loved trying something different and have rebooked. I missed this week because there was an issue with a 20p piece, a broken locker and a grumpy changing room attendant. I won’t go into it, I get mad every time I think about it. Lets just say unlike shopping trolleys, 20p pieces do not work in the new pound lockers, and some people really do need to chill out a bit! (Insert angry emoji here)

Freya Gym Gear

I was also sent some new Freya Gym Gear which I love. How gorgeous are these? And you know what, I have always bought budget gym gear, thinking it’s only the gym I am really not bothered what I look like at the gym. But these are so much more comfortable on and fit so much better, and feel great on and are more flattering due to the structure of the fabric. Nothing motivates you to go to the gym like new gym gear, does it?

Lots Of Renovations Planning

Getting quotes is a minefield, we got one quote last week and we could have bought a small house for the same price or a holiday apartment somewhere sunny, I kid you not! The planing stage is enough to put anyone off getting work done. However we have had more positive meetings this week, and have a kitchen and garden room plan, we love both so are now waiting for prices.

We also know what we are doing with the bathroom, that should be quite straightforward as Chris can sort that! We are ditching the upstairs bath and going for a shower, its such a faff coming downstairs for a shower, although we are all used to it, it will be lovely to have one upstairs. Especially as the boys spend hours in the shower!

We have also made the decision that we are going to project manage it ourselves. Chris is more than able to do so and as we are both total control freaks it makes sense to do that. Which will not only save a fortune but also allow us to work to our time scales (within reason)

My Blog Being 5 Last Week

I have been doing this blogging malarkey for 5 years now! Omg I love it so much and can’t believe the adventures it brings into my life. It’s hard to comprehend some of the people who would not be in my life it I hadn’t started my blog. It’s that sliding doors thing isn’t it? So yay to taking leaps of faith and following your heart.

And what an exciting year, it’s been?  A year of fantastic trips and adventures, including the Bravo Cruise, St Lucia, Puy Du Fou, Tuscany, the Ballet, getting time to craft and cook and see so many extraordinary shows. And a BIB Award!!!!! ( I still can’t believe I won that!). Who knows what the year ahead will bring, but hoorah to getting the time to do things I love.


Extraordinary Chaos 5 years blogging

5 Years as a family travel and lifestyle

Spending Lots Of Time Thinking About Cruising

As part of Cruising With Kids ambassador role to the new MSC Ship, Bellissima. Donna spent last weekend onboard checking out how amazing she is, I literally stalked her all weekend. We have been working so hard on the blog, and it really is starting to pay off in terms of views and engagement with other cruisers. It’s so different to this blog, but anyone that knows me, knows how obsessed I am with cruising? If you are curious about the ship check out Donna’s kids club post and stories from the weekend. And also a huge congratulations to our friends Ben and David for winning Cruise Bloggers of the year, if you love cruising check them out they are blooming fab.

Cruising With Kids family cruise blog


The Week Ahead ?

More house planning but I guess that is a sign of the times for this year, all exciting stuff and we are lucky to be getting to do the work. I will be publishing a new Cricut Project next week, I have personalised my own T-shirt, it was soooo easy and something I will be doing a lot more of. This weekend I have a little meet up planned with some gorgeous blogging friends, I can’t wait to see them all and have a catch up! Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up






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11 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up, Getting Organised”

  1. Your house plans sound so exciting, I bet you can’t wait to get them all finished now though. I’m not sure anything would get me to the gym these days, although those leggings are gorgeous. Happy blog birthday! I think mine was either 9 or 10 in December – completely forgot to actually see which it was or even mention it (insert massive eye roll here). Sounds like you have a fab weekend planned. Enjoy! x

  2. I did miss you last week. I’m glad you enjoyed the Motown musical, it sounds great fun. Planning house renovations is exciting, getting them finished is amazing, it’s the in-between bit that I don’t like so much. Congratulations on your Blog Birthday, 5 years is great.
    Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  3. getting organised is good therapy for the mind.
    Well done on getting back to the walking and the gym, but shame about the aggro with the locker, enough to out you off again.
    Happy 5th blog birthday, mine will be 9 next month

  4. Happy 5 years of blogging ! here’s to many more. I think you are doing the right things managing the house projects yourself, I hope you can find the right people for the job soon. I’ve often thought that we will get rid of the bath once the kids are older and have a big walk in shower instead as it makes more sense. Hope you are having a lovely weekend x

  5. Happy blog birthday! 5 years is a great achievement. We are having renovations at the moment and the cost can be eye watering can’t it? It is worth it though to be able to chose the finer details of your fixtures and fittings. I will check back to see your new cricut project, I have a new cricut maker and like to see what others have done with theirs. #wotw

  6. Congratulations on your blog being 5, what an amazing achievement and congrats again for winning your award. I can’t wait to hear more about your renovation plans, it’s very stressful but will be worth it in the end.

  7. Glad you enjoyed Motown the Musical – it sounds amazing. Hope you enjoy the step dance class this week and don’t have any more issues with the lockers and grumpy changing room attendants. Good luck with the renovations and getting quotes for them. Happy 5th blog birthday to you. Mine turns five next month. #WotW

  8. Ah how did I miss your blog birthday Sarah, happy belated 5 years, and you have done so much in those years, and your blog has grown from strength to strength. All the planning sounds stressful, but will be so worth it in the end x


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