My Weekly Round Up And Recharge


This week has been the oddest of weeks, the clocks going forward has really thrown me! This has never happened before but I am sooooo tired! The week started of beautifully with a lovely mothers day dinner and cards and gifts from the boys. They are going to make great husbands and really thought about what I would like with a little help from Chris. I have trained them well ha ha. Although their cards pushed it a bit, cheeky swines, but they did make me smile!

So what else have I been up to this week?

Enjoying Country Walks

The lighter nights have meant more time for a longer tea time walk, I adore this time of year with all the new life and colour starting to creep back into the countryside.

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Talking In College 

This week I went back to the college, where I not only did my Level 3 in Hairdressing as a student over 20 years ago, but also taught Level 3 Hair for 9 years after returning to Lancashire from Essex and working in London. It felt so odd walking in, it was amazing to see all my old colleagues, but really made me realise how lucky I am to be doing what I do. Everything is so shiny and pretty, as a blogger you see the best of life, go to lovely events and mix with people who want your day to be better. And also we get to have a voice to make changes which is incredible.

I went to talk about how I built my career as a blogger and how the students could use it to help their careers. It felt weird lecturing again, whilst it was a lovely to do it for a day, but those years are definitely behind me.

I think if I was to do something like this again it would have to be for private workshops to people that are totally buying in to the concept of the lesson. Teachers have it so hard these days, with very little support. Calling the shots on how and where I work is a great feeling.

Catching Up With Friends And Blogging

I managed to nip over to see my lovely friend Jenny, and spend a bit of time working on SEO and Twitter strategies. I fab to be able to work with someone else rather than working alone. And also there is a lot to be said about sharing knowledge. And she makes a mean coffee!

Gym Classes 

I have really been trying to get back into classes this last couple of weeks and am loving it again. I got into the habit of missing lessons in favour of work which is crazy. As I result I started to lose my  confidence. Honestly, I can’t believe I am writing that, as lack of confidence is an issue is something I have never suffered with.

But its been odd lately, and I totally put it down to those weeks then I work from home all week. As amazing as my job is, I have to be out socialising and get that balance. So getting to new classes has been amazing, and of course exercise makes you feel great.

Yoga is still my favourite class of all, but additionally I have been trying out dance step and a dance class which I absolutely love. Mastering the steps is another matter altogether, sometimes I am going in a totally different direction to every one else. But you know what I still love it.

Moving My Desk 

Another step I have taken is to move my desk from the hallway to the lounge. Its such a cozy place to sit in the winter when its cold and rainy outside. But we have no windows in our hallway, I am sure that is contributing to my grumpiness when I work from home. As on sunny days I am not seeing the sun, or even daylight.

So I have moved my desk into the back of the lounge where I can look out of the window and enjoy the glorious view, but also feel the sunshine on my face. It feels so much lighter and brighter and working here will also keep me right out of the way when all the builders start and I will be able to work without distraction.

Next Week

Half term started yesterday and Joe is now off for 2 weeks. This is the first year in ages we have not been away for Easter, in fact I have arranged hardly anything for this year. My mind has been to full of the home project and making the budget fit. We do plan to head to Cheshire Oaks for the day, Joe has grown so much AGAIN, and needs kitting out again. So a days shopping and lunch is in order.

I am also off to the Palace Theatre to see Hair The Musical with one of my besties, its meant to be incredible and I love the whole 60s vibe, so I am sure it will be super colourful.

Credit: Johan Persson

So that’s me for another week, wishing you a week full of sunshine and blue skies.

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A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up


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5 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Recharge”

  1. I’m glad you were spoiled for Mother’s Day, My treats came a little late, but without me having to complain so I guess it’s not so bad. I think moving your desk is a great idea, I couldn’t bear to work without a window even though my view is not so brilliant (From where I sit I can just see the shed, but I have plans of having it painted like a cute beach hut with flowers and banners to pretty it up a bit.) I hope the house plans are going well. I’ve some myself at the moment, I’m planning on changing one of my bathrooms into a wet room as I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get in the shower, and there is not much room when I’m in there, so a wet room seems the best way to go. I’m keeping the family bathroom though, the kids love their bath! Enjoy your show and your relaxing break and thanks for linking up to #Wotw x

    • Thats such a great ideate paint it like a beach hut it will look fab, light makes such a difference doesn’t it? x

  2. The lighter evenings have been so nice although it’s been tough convincing Daisy and Jake that it’s bedtime. It’s lovely meeting up with fellow bloggers isn’t it, I always come away very inspired it’s great having someone there to bounce ideas off. I hope you enjoy the half term with Joe, we still have another week left yet x

    • I know I have been like that myself it just doesn’t feel like bed time at all! And yes getting ideas of others is such a great idea x


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