My Weekly Round Up And Feeling Festive


Hello hope you have had a lovely week? We seem to be speeding towards Christmas. I would love to say I am organised but that would not be true. Although I have no sense of panic, it will all get done. 

This week has been a spectacular week in one way or another, ok the weather has been blooming rubbish. I just wish this rain would stop, where are the cold frosty mornings we ordered? Weather aside, this is what I have loved this week? 

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Putting up the Christmas tree.

We always put the tree up the first weekend of December it has become a tradition, a Christmas movie, roast dinner in the oven and mulled wine. You can’t beat a day wrapped in a festive bubble can you. To my surprise Joe helped out this year, although standing next the tree he makes it look small and it is a 6ft tree!

Toby loves this time of year, he is a huge fan of any decorating or present opening event, he is right in the thick of it, seeing what there is for him. I genuinely think he gets more excited than the boys. 

Christmas TRee
Toby At Christmas


I have just finished the Getaway Girls by Dee MacDonald, its a nice book but not groundbreaking, just nice easy reading. On the recommendation of the lovely Kat I have just started reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and so far so good. I know its not a new one but even the movie totally passed me by.

Tried A Few New Beauty Buys

This is a game changer, last weekend I ran out of night cream so decided whilst in Sainsbury’s to grab a cheap one that would do until I went to Manchester this week. I picked up Sainsbury’s own anti ageing night cream for £4 thinking it would make a good hand cream if nothing else. Omg it is amazing, I haven’t replaced it because I love it. My skin has not felt so good in ages and it was £4. Night cream is something I never skimp on, it just goes to show that you do not have to spend a fortune to get a great product. 

Sainsburys Anti Age Repair Cream

Another of my beauty loves is my new Remington Heated rollers, I have been having such a hair crisis lately. I love being curly but its nice to also have smooth curls or bouncy hair which takes a lot of effort.

These rollers give the bounce and curl I need, but because they are velour covered they are kind to my hair and comfy to wear. Its so much easier to dry my hair and pop these in, rather than faff about with straighteners to curl it. 

Remington Heated Rollers

Watching Wicked

I have seen Wicked before, but wanted to see it again to see if I still had the same opinion of the story. And omg I so did, Wicked is spectacular but quite dark. It has a real undertone to it that you don’t expect the first time you watch it which takes your breath away a little. Wicked is such a stunning version of the Wizard Of Oz but a darker grittier version. Yet it still delivers on creativity and incredible effects. It really is a modern day work of art. 


And Lastly A New Phone

Thanks to black Friday, Santa brought me an early Christmas present. I took delivery of a shiny iPhone X last week. I have really been struggling with the light the last couple of weeks. The camera on this phone takes better photos than my camera can in poor light conditions, it’s incredible. I have been playing about taking photos in the dark, and with different light sources.

Some have worked out, some not so much! I still have a bit off reading to do on the subject but all the photos in todays post are from my phone which I honestly don’t think could have been better if I had used my camera, the phone doesn’t seem to pixelate the same.

The Week Ahead

We do not have much planned for the weekend and am hoping for a few festive movies, with a mulled wine by the log burner. Next week Joe and I are off to see Dr. Dolittle at the Lowry and I cant wait, it looks fantastic. Apart from that it will be a week of catching up and getting myself a little more organised.

Have a wonderful week whatever you are up too. And let’s hope this rain gives way to some gorgeous frosty weather. 

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

7 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Feeling Festive”

  1. Ahh! That’s my thinking. All the Christmas stuff will get done. If it doesn’t my thinking is that it can’t have been that important.
    Your tree looks lovely and the night cream sounds so good.
    Ohh! It sounds like your new phone is helping lots! I would have never have guessed the photos were all from a mobile phone. Amazing! x

  2. Your tree looks so pretty. We haven’t yet got ours up but will probably do it in the next week or so. What a bargain that night cream was and it sounds like a fantastic product. Wicked is one of my favourite shows. I saw Dr Dolittle on stage when I was at university and loved it too. Hope you enjoy it x #WotW

  3. What a lovely festive week. I had the same feeling with my tree, my Little Man (my youngest) looks huge next to it and mine is 6ft too. I think I might go for something bigger next year, not so much taller but a little ‘fatter.’ I did buy this one to fit in a smaller place but it has a whole corner of the room to fill now. Thanks for the tip on the night cream, I may just have to try that myself, what a bargain. I’m glad you enjoyed Wicked, I’ve not seen it but it’s one I’d love to see, and Dr Doolittle. Have a great weekend. x
    Thanks for joining in with #Wotw

  4. I’ve just added a pot of the moisturizer to my shopping basket. See if it suits me too. Love how the dogs join in. Different for each dog. Hero’s first Christmas so he was slightly bemused by all the bustle. Your phone camera is good. Always good to have a back up too, if your main camera isn’t with you. Hope you enjoy your Dr Dolittle. #wotw

  5. Ooh Sarah I think we love all the same things about the run up to Christmas. Although I do wish we had a log burner. That moisturiser looks fab, I’ll remember it for when I run out. Hope you had a lovely weekend x

  6. We normally put our tree up the first weekend in December, but we were in Centre Parcs and had to wait. I still loved it though! The iPhone X camera sounds amazing, these photos are brilliant. I wonder if Father Christmas can pop one in my stocking x


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