My Weekly Round Up And Excitement


Yay for another weekend, and thank goodness for turning a corner with the weather, let’s hope it’s all uphill from now on I am so looking forwards to sunny days. Its been a chilled week here but much needed as we are preparing mentally for the crazy months ahead. But here’s what we have been up to this week….

Long Country Walks And An Afternoon By The Fire 

Last week was horrific wasn’t it? That weather was relentless, we had friends come over for dinner on Saturday night and they chose to drive as no one was really sure how the roads would be, there was flooding on so many local roads! But then Sunday the sun came out, it wasn’t warm but blue skies and NO RAIN so we seized our chance to walk to a country pub for a glass of wine before setting off on a hilly country walk back home to spend the evening huddled by the fire. But how much lovelier are Sunday now the evening are lighter and signs of spring are starting to appear? And for us the biggest sign is the lambs, it’s so sweet to see how curious they are, but how the mums are so protective.

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New Skincare Products 

I’ve been trying out Gym For Your Skin skincare products for the last week and so far so good. The Warm Up Cream Cleanser feels like it is moisturising as well as cleansing, it took a while to get used to the Reboot Serum as my skin seems to absorb it, but as my skin is feeling better, less sluggish, it is clearly doing some good. I love trying out new products, its important to have a change every now and then, especially if you feel your skin is getting used to your current skin care regime.

Skin care products from Gym For Your Skin

Joe’s School Embracing The Environment 

School announced this week they are going plastic free and are stopping providing plastic cups for water. Instead they are encouraging parents to provide water bottles for their teens to take in and refill. What a great idea! Joe already takes a bottle of water, however it made me think about providing a bottle that would be good for the summer, keep water cool and was not disposable. By pure coincidence I received an email offering me the opportunity to try out the Ion LeakProof Water Bottle, now this is a huge factor as Joe also carries a laptop in the bag as his school are a Microsoft School. Every part of me wanted to order this bottle in pink and keep it for myself (how gorgeous is it in pink?) however I chose red knowing the could potentially be great for school.

We spent last weekend testing it out before trusting it in Joe’s school bag with all his kit! It’s fully leakproof, keeps water ice cold and is helping Joe do his bit for the environment.

Leak Proof Water Bottle

Made Popcorn Rocky Road Bars

I have been thinking a lot of about sugar intake lately, Jack manages his diabetes well, but he has got a sweet tooth. Now we also have Joe on sugar watch and Chris and I are trying to get back to a healthy eating plan. So I decided to try out some healthy cereal bars, I spent ages researching what works, but a lot of recipes had so much chocolate in it. After a bit of tinkering I came up with my own concoction. And I have to say it was a winner, everyone loved them and I managed to tweak them so they are lower in fat and carbs.

Rocky Road Popcorn bars recipe

And The Week Ahead

I have a crazy busy week ahead, Chris and I are off to London tomorrow to meet up with friends, we are going to check out the ice bar I haven’t been there for years! I also want to try our Bubble Waffle Wraps, they look AMAZING! And generally enjoy mooching around London. After that I am off to Billericay to spend a little time with Donna, before heading back into London on Wednesday to be craft helper at a Cricut event. Omg I can’t describe how honoured I am that they asked me to do this, I am super excited.

Have a wonderful week what ever you are up to xx

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 I was gifted the Water Bottle and Skin Care Products But All Opinions Are My Own

19 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up And Excitement”

  1. Oh, I loved seeing your spring photos. It will not look like that where I love for another month and I loved the preview. It’s still gray and brown and cold here. Sigh! I get a bad case of spring fever every year at this time! Those popcorn bars look amazing!

  2. The weather does seem to be getting better now. A walk out sounds lovely and huddling by the fire sounds just what you need.
    That is great that Joe’s school is going plastic free. My girls take water bottles to school so I feel like we’re doing our bit for the environment.
    Those Popcorn Rocky Road Bars sound and look so good. What a great idea!
    Have a great weekend x

  3. Last weeks weather was wild wasn’t it ! it sounds like you had a lovely weekend non the less. That’s good of Joe’s school, I wish more schools would make the effort. Have a fabulous time in London it sounds very exciting x

  4. Oh. I hope you enjoy being a craft helper. You are a brilliant choice too. Our school went plastic free last year. No more plastic bottles, but they did source no-leak bottles with the school logo on it for us to buy, which are very good. Enjoy your trip to London. Sounds amazing. #wotw

    • Omg i loved it, it was craft heaven ! And thank you so much! Leak proof bottles are a must in school bags aren’t they ? x

  5. I love your Spring photos, how cute are those lambs! My girls take water bottles to school and I remember buying them expensive ones at the beginning of term which they both lost within two weeks of having them.
    Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for joining in with #Wotw

  6. It is nicer with the evenings getting longer and being able to get out more. I love that Joe’s school is going plastic-free – definitely something that needs to be embraced more widely. A decent leakproof water bottle is always good – we’ve been through a few different ones with Sophie trying to find one that is easy for her to use and doesn’t leak. Popcorn rocky road bars sound amazing. Hope you have a good week. #WotW

  7. The sunny days and lighter evenings are making such a difference to how we’re all feeling. I love it! The girls school went plastic free and we have to send them in with a water bottle. I need to look at this one, as Holly’s always leaks over her book! I hope you had a great time in London x


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