My Disney Round Up, What We Love About Disney


So here we are on the holiday we have planned for 1.5 years. And has it disappointed? Absolutely not, so far it has been incredible. Today we have had a rest day by the pool, I love the fact that we are in the heart of Disney yet I am sat here on a sun lounger able to chill a little and recharge my batteries ready for the rest of our break.

My Disney Round Up, What We Love About Disney,

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I have so much to share about Disney, but thought I would write a little round-up of what we love about Disney so far.

We are staying at the very beautiful Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, I am going to write a full review about the resort once I am home, but if you choose your room wisely this resort is stunning. We initially had a small issue with our room so I got straight onto the reception team, they were so helpful and had it sorted within 24 hours.

My Disney Round Up, What We Love About Disney,

I think you can always judge the service a resort offers by how they deal with issues and I can’t fault Disney’s approach in the matter. They Disney Crew Members are a truly professional team. I love how every time you arrive back at resort you a greeted with a huge friendly welcome home, it gives me goose bumps every time.

As we had planned our itinerary from home it has been so easy to navigate Disney. I literally check my Disney App each evening before we go to bed; the App is linked to My Disney Experience, it gives me a full rundown of our itinerary for the next day.

The wonderful thing is you can tweak it, change fast pass times to suit you plans. I can honestly say it has worked seamlessly for us. In between FastPass times we have been able to jump in lines with waits less than 15 minutes and have got to ride lots of rides. If the wait time is longer I have managed to shuffle the FastPass.

My Disney Round Up, What We Love About Disney,

Dining has been fantastic too, we have loved almost every meal we have eaten, our favourite was Ragland Road. The atmosphere was just so vibrant and service was faultless. This takes me on to the dining plan, it has been so easy to use, it is so great to just be able to carry minimal cash. Tonight we are planning to eat in the hotel restaurant, which every time we pass smells delicious and looks out over the beautiful Disney Lake.

We are just loving the memory maker, this is so great as we can focus on taking photos of the parks and Disney take care of family and character photos. And what is so amazing is that they load daily so every morning we can log on to My Disney Experience and view our photos from yesterday. I must say I can’t wait to check every morning and haven’t been disappointed yet.

My Disney Round Up, What We Love About Disney, www.extraordinarychaos.comPhotoPass_Visiting_Magic_Kingdom_Park_7414723183Our favourite rides so far are

  • Joe, Thunder Mountain
  • Jack, Expedition Everest
  • Chris, Tower of Terror
  • And mine is Splash Mountain

We have so many more to go, so this may well change but we are having a great time discovering.

I can’t describe the Disney feeling, and it is something you  gradually forget when you leave, you know you loved it when you last visited and cant wait to go back, but the feeling leaves you. Then you re visit and there it is again, that Disney Magic, the only was I can describe it is being in the perfect Disney Bubble where everyone is happy, and you just want to keep floating in the bubble and never want it to burst. And as soon as you leave the bubble you know you have to get back into it in some shape or form.

17 thoughts on “My Disney Round Up, What We Love About Disney”

    • Jane it is beautiful and the great thing is you get the free dining plan if you book at the right time. It is a huge resort but does not feel it as it is broken up into sections, each section has its own pool and snack bar, and drink re-fil section. I think if you are organised you can get a great deal x

  1. This is such a lovely post. As Karen said above, your love of Disney and excitement of being there shines through every post you write. You are clearly having a wonderful time. And you are desperately making me want to book a holiday to Disney NOW. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    • Ah thanks Mrs H, we are having such a wonderful time we have chilled more than we thought we would but it is such a great resort we just want to spend time here x

  2. I totally get the Disney bubble. On our last trip we didn’t even leave Disney for the whole 2 weeks (apart from hubby who had a dash to a nearby hospital). It felt so weird when we eventually left to head back to the airport. I would give anything to return and I am sure we will one day soon. Your hotel sounds very similar to the one we stayed in and the service you get is amazing from the Cast members. Can’t wait to read more x

  3. Sarah I am going to be literally stalking all your Disney posts, I hope you write some tip posts as I have just found out today that we are going there in October. It will only be for a couple of days, so I really need to make sure I get the best of out of everything. It looks like you had the most amazing time. x

    • Katie I have so many post ideas, we had the best time it is just incredible, want wait to see what you get up too you will all love it so much x

  4. It sounds as though you are having a truly amazing holiday! My babies are just so Young at the minute that I know they wouldn’t fully appreciate the experience. I can’t wait until they’re old enough – and when they are, I’ll remember your tip about the app!



    • Thanks Kirby, we took ours at two years old for their first trip and they loved it so much but each experience has been different and wonderful x

  5. Wow! It sounds like you are having the most amazing time. I cannot wait to go to Disney! We want to wait until the boys are all old enough to appreciate it fully, so I still have a few years to wait yet! Boo!!! At least that gives us enough time to save properly so we can do it in style 🙂 Cant wait to read more xx

    • Clare I think for us doing it in style was a big factor and we had the most incredible time because of it so I agree with you there x


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