Moving Home And Why We Are Not!


We made the decision not to move a couple of months ago

After showing countless people round our quirky but immaculate little house. And spending hours trawling round prospective homes for us and never finding the right house, with the right view, and the right sized rooms, that did not have an overlooked garden. We got to thinking the right house is not out there. And that was because we are living in it.

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The day we moved into our home we said it was a keeper, yes there was loads to do, but we loved its idyllic location and quirkinesses. When we had finished all the jobs, (apart from any major overhauls we said we would like to do one day) the boredom set in. The fact that we wanted a little more room started to bug us. And we hate our black gloss kitchen, oh it looks great on first appearances, but ugh I hate living with it day to day. 

Life was also more down than up with school and our knee jerk reaction was to move out of the area. Somewhere not as rural, near better schools. And get the much needed space and shiny new kitchen of our dreams. 

However once the school situation started to get resolved the move seemed less urgent. Still we were ready for a change, but did that mean a change of streets and bricks and mortar, or just change the bricks and mortar we are living in?

And we started to realise, this was what we did when we wanted a change, we moved. We have never decorated a house twice, we move in do it once then when is ready to change we move, how bad is that? We do up and we move. But this time we have decided to stay, to stay with what we love and improve what we don’t.

The Stress Levels Of Moving 

They say moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in life, yet we have done it 7 times in 25 years. Dealing with solicitors who don’t return calls, or make mistakes that cost weeks in proceedings. Packing your whole life up into boxes, only to unpack them again. Moving utilities, TV licence, mail! It makes you want to sit in a dark room just reading it.

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Omg All That Stamp Duty!

It makes me weep when I think how much we have spent on Stamp Duty. How many swanky new kitchens and home improvments that money would have paid for, let’s move on this one is making me cross.

The Neighbours Gamble 

We have been soooo lucky over the years, especially when you look at our relocation rate! Many of our neighbours have become life long friends, but there is always that one neighbour isn’t there. I never forget the party house with the pit bull terrier 20 years ago, I was scared to go in the garden if that dog was out. 

Our Beautiful Views And Garden 

We struck lucky last time, yet nearly left it all behind. There is something incredible about a winters night walk with no light pollution, or a summers day with only the sound of sheep, birds and the breeze in the trees. And uninterrupted sunsets and sunrises. And having a whole hill to yourself when it’s snowed, because no one else can get here. We have not been able to find that elsewhere.

Snowy walk at the foot of Pendle Hill
A Lancashire Sunset My Sunday Photo

So We Are Going To Do Something Radical 

We are going to re-decorate our home, put in the swanky new kitchen and add a garden room for that much needed space. And when you write it down it makes sense, it won’t cost too much more that what it will have cost us to move. But we can choose our kitchen, the floor tiles, the shape of the garden room and whether it has a new log burner. And yes there will be a cost, but that is money we would have potentially thrown down the drain on fees had we moved.

Watch This Space

The kitchen designer has a plan all ready for us to look at, he is planning a real cooks kitchen, something that is more to our taste. And we know in our mind how the garden room will look but need to find the right company. Exciting times, 2019 will be the year we stayed put and remodelled a space we love, rather than the year of a panic move and then totally re-decorating anyway, because actually the house we bought was not to our taste after all!

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