Money Saving Tips For Travelling With Teens


We try to travel a lot and see the world as a family.

Ever since the boys were tiny I have been determined to share as many family adventures with them as possible.  But we all have a different idea of the perfect family getaway don’t we? I have friends whose idea of exploring is touring the UK in a camper van, some love festivals, and some like to reach the hidden depths of Africa to see real life.

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We are all so different in our ideas and what works for our families and us. But the one thing we all agree on is that home is not always enough. There is a huge world to see and you only live once.

The Rove Downtown Dubai, A Wonderful Budget Hotel In Dubai

Teenagers at Beaches Resort Turks And Caicos

Travelling often means budgeting and planning to get the greatest travel savings for a trip. And here are my top money-saving tips for travelling with a family.

Book Your Trip Separately To Get A Great Travel Deal.

Booking a trip separately may be time-consuming but you can save a small fortune on family holiday packages by independently coordinating and planning your holiday. There are huge savings to be made by booking a hotel, resort or cruise separately from your flights and car hire.

Keep Your Eyes Open To Get Hotel And Resort Deals.

If you plan to visit a hotel or location in the next year then start following it on sites like Expedia. Resorts generally have waves of special offers and they usually follow a pattern. Following trends will mean you can pick up a great deal or free drinks package just by being aware of the trend. Signing up to a resorts newsletters is another great way of keeping up to date with on the spot sales and offers.

Collect Air Miles To Get Cheap Flights.

I harp on about air miles A LOT but we have travelled extensively with them. Air Miles offer such great value and you can top them up by converting Tesco Club Card Points too!

Shop For Holiday Clothes In The Sales To Get Deals On Your Travel Wardrobe.

Dressing teens costs a fortune; they are obsessed with designer brands. I buy clothes in the sales throughout the year and save them in a suitcase for trips. I also buy trainer socks in bulk, that way we always have a supply ready for our travels.

If You Are Booking Budget Flights Book Them On The Release Date To Get A Cheap Deal On Flights.

If we book a budget flight we tend to choose Easy Jet, I find them a lot more organised and reliable than their competitors. However flight prices fluctuate massively! It pays to stay up till midnight on flight schedule release dates to bag the cheapest flight deals.

Book Holidays Early To Get Family Friendly Deals.

If you are booking a cruise the earlier you book the better, family cabins sell quickly as do the best deals for families. And shop about for on-board credit and loyalty discounts.

Get A Prepaid Mastercard ® To Prevent Extortionate Exchange Rate Fees.

It will also give you peace of mind and purchase protection when travelling abroad. And you can order additional icount pre paid cards for family members. To help you keep track of your holiday spending the mobile app will enable you to budget whilst travelling.

A Mark Warner Mum And Being Unable To Narrow Down A Travel Essentials List

So there you have it, 7 great tips to save money when travelling with your family. The more you can budget the more you save on travel. Thus allowing you to squeeze extra trips onto that holiday budget.

Check out the handy infographic below for even more money saving travel tips.

icount - Summer holidays on a shoestring











2 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips For Travelling With Teens”

  1. These are great tips, now my children re getting older and are past the buggy/ nappy stage I want to travel more as a family. We are off on holiday in three weeks and I hope they catch the travel bug like me and their dad. We booked early and got a free child place which saved us about £600 but I will be using your tips for our next adventure xx

    • I bet they will how can anyone not get a travel bug? And it is so much easier as they are older, its just a matter of shopping around for deals x


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