Matching Underwear, Pretty Things and Other Ramblings


This is me; love I pink, purple and pale blue, cocktails, wine and luxury. I hate rough sports, I tolerate football because I love my family. I HATE mud, beer and camping. And do you know what? That does not make me a bad person. It makes me, just little old ever so slight fussy me. Ok a lot fussy!

There is so much lately about girls not being encouraged to be girly. No one encouraged me, it was just who I was. I had a bike, and climbed trees like other kids. But was happier at home styling my girls worlds luscious long locks. I was always a hairdresser, it was in my bones. My cousins were quite the opposite to me, they loved rough and tumble and always embraced their inner boy.

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Matching Underwear, Pretty Things and Other Ramblings

I remember the day they butchered their girls’ world hair into an action man crew cut, I literally couldn’t look them in the eye. I still remember that feeling of utter disgust, and they really could not work out why I was so distressed. But how on earth would they ever fit a bow or rollers in that hair now? I was distraught. Yet we were all so close, accepted each other for who we were, what we loved. Although I still haven’t got over their appalling crimes to hair, and maybe never will ha ha.

I was so thrilled when we got 2 gorgeous boys. Not once did I think I needed a girl to balance it out. The boys are feisty brave and mostly healthy. Ok Diabetes is a blooming pain, but it could be worse? They made me push myself, do things I would never consider doing, dare. We haven’t pushed them to be into the sports and hobbies they love. They had a free rein in choosing hobbies and like all kids have had more fads than I care to remember. But here’s the thing, they are well-balanced, happy, mostly hard-working.

Apart from the bedroom-tidying department, which quite honestly could make me weep and wonder if they are distant relatives of Stig of the Dump?

A couple of months ago I was chatting to a friend, I can’t even remember how it cropped up, but shopping for pretty matching underwear came up. We have shopped together many times in lovely lingerie shops, and knew we had similar tastes. But something occurred to me, I had stopped matching my underwear. I remember wracking my brain trying to think exactly when I stopped caring about matching. But I couldn’t think. And then you start to notice at the gym, everybody has pretty matching underwear and I didn’t!

I can’t even describe it, I felt like I had let myself go, why was I no longer shopping for pretty underwear? And then it occurred to me. I mainly shop with the boys who quite frankly would rather stick pins in their eyes than go into a lingerie section.

At some stage I must have give up the fight in favour of convenience. Ok there are worse ways of letting yourself go, but to me the inside is as important about the outside. I dress for me, to make me feel good, no one else. Yet here I was making the outside right, but not treating myself to the pretty things that would me smile. Sometimes having a busy life and kids does that to you doesn’t it? Makes you forget what you love. Being a mum is a wonderful rewarding experience. But here I was in un-matching undies and my kids are wearing Calvin Blooming Klein and Penguin boxers.

So this year one of my new years resolutions was to build a full, varied selection of beautiful matching lingerie. I think this is quite possible the first time I have shared my smalls on my blog, but today I am saying don’t forget what makes you smile, being a mum is wonderful but being you is equally important and part of being me is pretty lingerie. And if that makes me happy then it’s important to embrace that just for me.

10 thoughts on “Matching Underwear, Pretty Things and Other Ramblings”

  1. that is so true ….. being a mum is amazing , but it is ever so easy to forget that we are as important as they are .
    oh and a skinhead was alot better than all the rollers stuck in here hair lol I’m sure that’s how she became a skinhead ?

    • Teresa I totally agree, its so important to still be yourself too. And ahh is that what happened ha ha, and to think at one stage you wanted to be a hairdresser x

    • Ha ha yes, although Joe does love shopping Karen, just not in the underwear section! And Jack only wants to shop for himself xxx

  2. First of all, the girls’ bedroom could make me weep on a daily basis, so it’s not a boy thing!!! Secondly, I know what you mean, my underwear may match but they’re far from pretty these days. I stick to pain black, that way I know I’m always matching. It would be nice to have some pretty girlie ones again though, especially with the warmer months ahead. You’re so right, what’s underneath does count and it would make me feel happy too.

    • Glad its not just the boys rooms Heledd, and yes its so nice to have pretty things especially if it makes us feel better xx


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