Loving Life And Why Sometimes The Only Thing To Do Is Take That Risk


Lazy pool days and evening beach walks are the things of dreams. You know when you are rushing around, so busy with a to do list as long as your arm which is ever-growing and you just want to press pause and be transported somewhere nice.

I am so lucky life is exciting, new adventures materialise weekly. Some small adventures, a chance to write something nice on my little blog and take some pretty pictures. And others find us sat on a stunning beach in Greece eating a delicious Italian meal as the waves crash a couple of feet away from our sandy feet.

I could have only dreamed of living the life I do now back when I was teaching hairdressing. A career I worked hard at and was passionate about, put so much of my own time into. Until increasing paperwork and unrelated add-ons killed the artistic and turned my ever so creative career into a pen pushing exercises that could do nothing but crush the joy out of any self-respecting creative type.

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I chose creativity over security; a scary decision, some would say is inspired and brave. Others may argue downright foolhardy.

Loving Life And Beach Walks

Loving Life And Beach Walks

But here’s the thing, the biggest deal of all. I am happy, happy being creative on mostly my terms, the stuff of dreams right?

If the last year and watching a few very dear friends go through the unimaginable has taught me something it is that you should always choose happiness. That may not be a drastic change, it may be that one thing you never had time to do. It may be dancing in the rain, watching a sunset or moving to a new area?

Take that risk; ok I was lucky I had incredible support. I also work blooming hard, probably more hours than ever before. But on Sunday nights I no longer have that feeling of dread, I have butterflies of excitement. Wondering what bright colours of joy will find their way into my life. What will make me scratch my head with frustration because I am so fussy? Or what will have me stood on my kitchen table snapping away with my camera. Yup I actually do that!

Loving Life And Beach Walks 2

Loving Life And Beach Walks

My Weekly Round Up A Postcard From Ikos Olivia

Loving Life And Beach Walks

And then there are the Mondays when I am enjoying a beautiful resort, somewhere amazing to share with the world. But also something special to share with my family, that time to pause and rest. To enjoy each other’s company and eat long leisurely meals together. These boys are growing so fast and I so want to make the most of every moment before they are off on their own life adventures.

So as we chilled together last week, as we dipped in and out of the pool to cool down. The boys sneaking off to play football as often as they could. I made the most of every single second we spent together. I watched families with young children run ragged, but enjoying what to us is a distant memory.

It all flies past so quickly enjoy every minute, take every opportunity. Enjoy family days go on adventures.

Watch those kiddies grow up and enjoy it rather than wishing it away. Every moment is precious and when its gone, reminisce smile but move on and enjoy the next bit. Don’t be scared to take the occasional risk. And if you are having a bad hair day, don’t stay in and miss out, wear a hat! x

Thank you so much to Joules for my ever so gorgeous Elayna Dress, hat and shoes.

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1 thought on “Loving Life And Why Sometimes The Only Thing To Do Is Take That Risk”

  1. And is there a better place to press the pause button than Ikos. I loved reading this, as sometimes I think we lead parallel lives with our travel adventures and the ages of our kids. It is so true that our eldest will soon be going off and enjoying their own adventures, and that’s why holidays are so important to just stop, chill and spend that all important family time with them. I bet you still pinch yourself when you look at how far you have come since giving up hairdressing xx


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