Living With Type 1 Diabetes, Traveling With Medication.


There is so much to think about when going away on holiday, sun cream, toiletries, clothes, and shoes.

But having a child with type 1 diabetes brings on a whole new level of organisation when traveling. We also have to ensure we have all of Jacks necessary medication, and trust me there is loads. This is all essential to ensure he is able to treat and manage type 1 diabetes when travelling. And spares in case of emergency, such as overheating, loss or breakages.
Living With Type 1 Diabetes, Traveling With Medication.

The first time we went away this blew my mind a bit as we had to make sure we had all bases covered. A typical holiday list looks a bit like this.

  • Enough day time insulin to last for the whole trip, plus 2 spare
  • Enough night time insulin to last for the whole trip, plus 2 spare
  • Emergency injection, this has to go everywhere Jack sleeps
  • Testing strips, enough to last the trip
  • Needles, enough to last the trip
  • Spare injection pen, incase one is lost of fails
  • Spare sugar testing kit, incase one is lost or fails
  • Glucose Tablets, in case of low sugar
  • Bottle of lucozade (This is the only thing that Jack will or is able to take during a bad hypo)You can buy this once you have got through airport security if flying.
  • Sharps Bin

You can imagine carry this lot has its own problems.

Firstly when flying we have to carry a letter from Jack’s specialist consultant explaining that he must carry this medication and keep it with him at all times. This is always sufficient evidence to allow him to keep medication on him at all times.

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We also need to keep the insulin and emergency injections cool.

Cool bags are quite bulky and only work for a certain time,  I spent some time researching and came across the Frio bag in the Diabetes UK online shop.

The frio bag is fantastic, it enable us to keep Jack’s medication cool for long journeys of up to 48 hours. It is so clever, it contains small gel capsules that you activate in cold water. We have the extra large bag but it is available in a variety of sizes. Prior to travel you soak the inner bag in cold water for 8-10 minutes. Thus causing the gel to expand and act as a coolant. As it is padded it keeps the insulin safe and cool wherever we are traveling.

This has made life so much easier when away as you reactivate it with water so can take our for days out. Perfect when in a hot country, or for trip when you know you will be on the road for some time.

 The key to living and travelling with type 1 diabetes with children is to be prepared. We have not let type 1 diabetes hold us back. Have continued to live life to the full and plan family adventures. It just takes a tiny bit more planning. I hope we have taught Jack to get out in the world and live. Not let his condition rule his life. He is able to take control.

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