The Little Moments And Shopping For School Supplies At Monks Cross


I think as a blogger you have a fine line to tread. Some over share and that’s fine. Some only share the perfect and pretty and that is fine too. You see when you are sharing snippets of your life you have to feel comfortable with it. Your family has to embrace it? If they don’t then I can only imagine how difficult it would be to balance.

Sometimes I could be accused of only sharing the pretty. That is by no means a way to filter my life, far from it. Sometimes I just have too much to say and need to prioritise what makes me happy. I want to record all of these moments, big and small.

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Last week when we head out school supplies shopping at Monks Cross shopping centre it was one of those days that although yes, can be seen as little every day moments, it felt like such a huge deal.  

You know your children are growing up and you gratefully embrace that. But sometimes it catches you unawares and takes you breath. How did I get to the stage that Jack was just about to start college and Joe high school? Cliché I know but time has flown.

Debenhams at Monks Cross Shopping Center

Buying School Shoes At Clarks at Monks Cross York

Clarks Shoes at Monks Cross

So something like shopping for high school supplies felt monumental. It’s the little things like grown up shoes. High school shoes have to be football ready but no velcro! Laziness is not an excuse at high school. That feeling of pride, shopping for grown up shoes as we stood in Clarks deciding which pair made the grade. I could just see Joe’s excitement, the fact that he feels more grown up and the thought of walking up the school path in a couple of weeks.

I am sure the taster days have helped him prepare for this next stage mentally. Has helped him to make new friends and get to know the layout of his new school which is 5 times bigger than the tiny village school he has been cocooned in since he was five.

When we arrived at Monks Cross we head to Costa for a huge cappuccino and hot chocolate stuffed with marshmallows and made a list of essential supplies.

Clarks Shoes at Monks Cross

We had already got the uniform ready, but it’s the other list that is greater than the uniform.

And as we stood in WHSmith I realised just how important having the right stationery can be. The decision between a Cola Light and Sprite Light pencil-case took forever. To the point I zoned out and head to the pretty stationery section.

Leaving Chris to deal with the decision-making. I have to say he did well! The pencil sharpener debate would have finished me off. And after a quick trip to Hobby Craft too Joe left chuffed with his supplies. And I am sure being confident he may well have the best stocked pencil-case in the county!

WHSmith at Monks Cross Shopping Center

We left Sports Direct until last; sports shops bring me out in a sweat 

I tried to dodge it and head to Accessorize for holiday hair clips but was intercepted and guided towards the football boot section in Sports Direct. Here we spent some time discussing which footballer wears which boots! Apparently liking the wearer of the boots you are purchasing is a big part of the football boot decision-making process. God forbid you dress your feet with the boots of a footballer you have a low opinion of! And of course Joe had a select few in mind.

As soul destroying as I find football boot shopping, it was wonderful to see him choosing the right boots and trainers for P.E, oh and matching goalie gloves. His excitement for the first P.E lesson where he will proudly adorn the boots that Lionel Messi struts his stuff in.

Buying Football Boots at Monks Cross

Sports Direct Monks Cross Shopping Center

High School is a BIG DEAL 

It’s not about how much you spend; it’s about being comfortable when you walk into School on the first day. All ready for the next chapter. Learning new skills and preparing for adulthood, which when Jack started high school seemed forever away. Yet now I know is in fact just around the corner.

I think we are almost High School ready now! Mentally and physically, now we excitedly wait for the big day, for all those new adventures. And sometimes these little moments are just as important, if not more important than the big moments.

If you still have school supplies shopping to do check out Monks Cross shopping centre on Saturday 19 August, children and their families can join in with a day of free activities including craft workshops, games and more, the perfect fun way to prepare the kids to return to the classroom. And head over to their Facebook page later today for a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher.


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  1. Oh gosh, just the thought of high school brings me out in a cold sweat. My two are staying four and six forever, I don’t care what anyone says. They’re still at an age where they covet ALL pencil cases; I can’t imagine a time where it’s going to be an ordeal to find the right one. Argh!!

    • Ha ha yes I remember those day, ah its amazing seeing them grow up and start to make choices for their future but also scary x


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