Learning To Fly! My FlyDays Wish List


I have talked before how having the boys has changed me.

Ok I may have changed with girls too? It could have been a similar experience.  But I don’t have girls and have no idea how different the parenting journey would have been, if at all. And before that crazy pair appeared on the planet I would never have taken part in anything adventurous. I was not a thrill seeker. However I very quickly realised I needed to learn to keep up in the Christie household. Since being tiny the boys were always looking for something new and exciting to do.

Life is for living, getting out and experiencing new ideas and cultures. Conquering your fears. I will never sit in my rocking chair and say I should have done that; I always wanted to tick of my bucket list. And although I seem to add to it every day. I am also always chipping away at that list.

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When the people at FlyDays asked me if flying was on my bucket list I quickly replied yes. When they asked which type I rolled my eyes. I mean how many types of flying are there? Let me tell you loads. I had just never given it much thought.

Since researching all the different flying experiences available I have gone on write a flying wish list. And I actually feel quite giddy about it.

Here is my flying experience wish list for flying lessons in the UK

I am going to start with a Helicopter flight. Start with what you know right? The last time I went in a Helicopter we landed in the Grand Canyon. It was the most incredible experience. And something I would love to do again. Now I would like to try out a lesson, but I would also love to try the VIP flight over London with bubbly. I want to fly along the River Thames how amazing would that be.

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Have you ever seen that Disney film The Kid? I have always loved that film, the little red vintage plane that pops us throughout the film. Its one of those Sunday by the fire, feel good films. If you haven’t seen it check it out. Anyhow I love that little red plane; I have always wanted to take a trip in one. And arghhhhh Fly Days have them, apparently they are called Tiger Moths. You know the kind; they grace the screens of all the big movies. And have such a romantic vintage look and feel. I can see myself the glamorous passenger in Jackie O glasses and headscarf.

The reality is I will disembark my hair stood on end looking far from glamorous. But still, photos can be edited can’t they? I think I would weep if I actually got to take a trip in a Tiger Moth, its something of childhood dreams and watching to many romantic movies.

Learning To Fly! My FlyDays Wish List

I feel by this stage I would be feeling confident enough to pilot my own plan, so a 30 minute flying lesson may be in order. Yes, there are people out there that for £104 would put me in charge of a plane. What a great gift hint hint! They offer lessons all over the UK, and that would be the tough choice, where? Although as a pilot I may need to keep my eyes on the sky, and not the view.

Learning To Fly! My FlyDays Wish List

And last by no means least has to be a Hot Air Balloon Flight. I can’t image anything I would rather do than set of at sunset or sunrise in a hot air balloon with my camera. Can you just imagine how breathtaking those views would be?

I know we are not really at New Years resolution stage quite yet! But I am hoping when I leave 2017 behind one of these WILL be ticked of my wish list.

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