Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry’s


On Saturday Joe and I headed of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to meet with the lovely team and Learn About Dyson Technology with Dyson and Curry’s

I have to say we had no idea what to expect. But being huge Dyson lovers, and Joe being curious about just about everything in the world at the moment, meant it was going to be an interesting event. It was fantastic to arrive to a sea of friendly faces and as we chatted and said our hello’s over coffee Joe was dying to get stuck in.

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

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Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

The event was centred around interactive workshops helping children to understand exactly how Dyson products work. They were run by the design team who had worked on the design of the products we were learning about. The Dyson Big Ball Cylinder vacuum, and Dyson fans and air filters. I have to say once Joe found this out he was a little star struck. The workshop was fantastic and totally geared towards educating and inspiring young minds.

We started by looking at how the big ball technology worked.

I am not sure if this is something you are familiar with? But in short, the body of the cylinder is almost a ball shape. Its designed in such a way that no matter how you drag it around the house and up the stairs it always re-centers and balances itself. I know this works as Ihave one.

It’s so frustrating isn’t it? You know your vacuum had tipped when it starts making the most peculiar sound. Meaning you have to stop what you are doing and rescue said vacuum before continuing. Well, no more. We have had our new Dyson a couple of months and it is fab.

Joe got a tad competitive reproducing the technology that ensures the new Dyson can control its own gravity. And I must say it is so logical and simple. But sometimes the greatest of ideas are, aren’t they?

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

We then moved on to the Dyson Fan and Air Purifier.

The Christie boys have been coveting the fan for some time now. In fact Chris’s parents have one and they have even discussed how they can move said fan from Grandmas, to home. Why, I hear you ask it’s just a fan?  Well, let me tell you; to a curious mind the Dyson Fan is a mysterious and magical wind machine without danger.

I have always been a bit of a fan phobic, they have grown up with me nervously screeching, stay away from the fan, don’t put your hands near the fan. Keep your head away your hair will get stuck. There is something about a blade fan that knocks me a bit sick. I have such fears of people getting their hair getting stuck in them. It’s the hairdresser in me, I also have a fear of uncovered hairdryer filters.

So when the Dyson fan arrived at Grandmas, the mythical fan you can actually stand near, even put you head through. The boys were overjoyed. I kid you not; they get giddy over the fan. We learnt that the fans do so much more than just distribute cold air and look gorgeous.

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Learning About Dyson Technology with Dyson And Curry's

Dyson also have a range of air filters that you can program via an app that tracks the air quality of you home.

This is perfect if you suffer from allergies or hay fever. You can also track all the information and view air quality reports, and even set the fan remotely to be working prior to arriving home to ensure the air quality is always great. This is perfect if like me you are ever so slightly allergic to you very hairy dog that is also one of the loves of your life. There is no option ever of getting rid of him. So a Dyson Air filter is perfect for de-Tobyfying the air so we can live together in harmony.

We loved our day spent with Dyson and Curry’s. The workshops were fantastic and the interactive in such a way that you really understood the technology. So much so Joe came away interested in a career product design and engineering.


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  1. Sounds like such a great event and so good to be able to take along your kids and get them interested in it all. Sarah your photos are fabulous too, love how you have captured Joe getting stuck in! I am curious about the Dyson fan too, and agree with you, they look so much safer than the regular fans. Glad you had a fun day xx


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