Jord Wood Watches and Time Management


I have always had a funny relationship with time.

There is never enough of this precious commodity it there? I wonder if it is because I am serial procrastinator. I can spend hours researching a theory or concept and weeks thinking about a project.

What I really need is someone to monitor how long I spend on a project. Don’t get me wrong, I work well under pressure, but give me time and I fritter it away. 5 minutes can become 30 before I know it. I do it all the time.  So not wearing a watch is never an option. Goodness me, I am bad enough with a watch, I would be dangerous without one ha ha.

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Jord Wood Watches and Time Managment

Jord Wood Watches and Time Managment
When the lovely people at Jord Wood Watches offered me the chance to choose my own wood watch, I was instantly drawn towards the Cora Watch in Rose Gold, this ever so stylish women’s watch is just so pretty. And with Rose Gold being the colour of the moment it fit perfectly with my winter wardrobe.

What makes Cora such a unique watch is that it is made of wood. Jord offer many styles of watches for ladies and men with a variety of designs and choice of colours. You would think wood would come in limited shades but the Cora watch comes in a variety of watch and face combinations making your watch look so unique. I love the added crystal glass addition to the Cora that makes it so pretty. It’s the perfect accessory, it looks great, and is great value at $275.

It is also very lightweight, I imagined it to feel large and clumpy, but it doesn’t at all. The thing I do need to remember is to wind it up, I keep forgetting. Do you know I have never had a wind up watch, and I love all the workings within the watch. There is something about clock craftsmanship that is so beautiful.

Jord Wood Watches and Time Managment

Jord Wood Watches and Time Managment

If you are a little tempted by this gorgeous watch then Jord are offering an e-voucher giveaway.

One reader with receive a $75 voucher to put towards your own Jord watch. And with watches starting from $129 you can grab a real bargain if you win. And if you don’t Jord will send you a $20 e-voucher to use anyway. Just click here to enter,  you can enter anytime up until 31/10/16.  The $75 voucher will expire on 1/1/17, and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 1/1/17 so you will have up until the end of the year to use.

I am also going to give away a Cora Watch to one lucky reader. 

So if you love the Cora in Koa and Rose Gold then enter via the rafflecopter below to win this exact model and good luck x

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93 thoughts on “Jord Wood Watches and Time Management”

  1. I would keep this as I don’t have a watch! I always use my phone to tell the time when I am out and the clocks in the rooms when I am in!

  2. I would definitely keep this gorgeous watch for myself! I’ve been without a watch for about a year now and think it’s time to start wearing one again, so this prize would be beyond perfect!

  3. With Christmas on the way, I would probably give it as a gift. I know the family member who needs and appreciates it even more than I do.

  4. Is it bad to say I’d keep it? I’ve never owned a beautiful timepiece that cost anything more than about £20 so this would be lovely to win


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