Is Your Teen Prepared For Student Life?


Being parents of two boys brings so many rewards and a few small challenges, but overall teens are the best. This time is a joy, as they hit adulthood, the relief of surviving the Kevin and Perry stage that you think may never end.

Plus seeing them grow into amazing young men starting out in the world. The biggest surprise has always been how different two siblings can be. Jack is organised and methodical, Joe (if I am honest a little more like me, but don’t tell Chris I said that) a turn-up and let others do all the planning kind of guy.

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So, when we were asked to take part in the TV Licensing Family Quiz and take a look at their Uni Checklist, I have to say I was intrigued by how, Joe who is currently in college training as a chef, would fare? I will tell you that he didn’t disappoint, stuck to form and will probably let others do the thinking for him while he concentrates on being the best chef he can be.

Family Quiz, Preparing For Uni And College, Round 1

This round looks at the basics we assume our teens know, things we take for granted and almost
expect them to be aware of already.

Q1. How often should you change your bed sheets and towel?
Actual Answer: Once a week is the recommended number.

Joe’s Answer, Once a week
I’m impressed!

Q2. How much does a load of washing cost in a laundrette on average?
Actual Answer: It’s about £4 for a standard load, but it might differ slightly between locations.)

Joe’s Answer, What’s a launderette?
I put that down to not watching Eastenders!

Q3. How do you find out when bin day is?
Actual Answer: For the most up-to-date information, be sure to check your local council website.

Joe’s Answer, look when the neighbours put theirs out.
I like that, logical!

Q4. Do you need a TV licence in student halls?
Actual Answer: Students have to be covered by a TV Licence in halls if they wish to watch, stream or
record programmes as they’re being shown live on TV, on any channel or on an online TV service. This applies to any device you may use.

Joe’s Answer, No Uni/College will sort that.
Wake up call, I suppose when you do everything as parents, they just don’t know.

Q5. On which shelf in the fridge is meat typically stored?
On which shelf in the fridge is meat typically stored?

Joe’s Answer, the bottom shelf, that’s really important to prevent contamination.
His boss would be proud, plus I feel a tad relieved as we eat in his restaurant.

Q6. How much is your first year of university worth to your final grade?

Joe: It’s coursework based but have to provide 200 plus hours on top of evidence and coursework of recipe design preparation and creation.
He was all over that one too, impressive, that is for his partucular course.

Q7 How long should you boil an egg for a runny yolk?
Actual Answer: 4-5 minutes

Now I know why I never get it right; everyone has a different method!

Q8. Do you need a TV Licence to watch recorded TV?
Actual Answer: Yes. You need to be covered by a TV Licence to watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or streamed live on an online TV service. And that’s not just the BBC; it’s all channels on any platform and on any device. You also need to be covered to watch BBC iPlayer.

Joe’s Answer, After rolling his eyes at me, he said 4.5 minutes, went on a bit about water temperature and popping the egg in at exactly the right time!
Now I know why I never get it right, everyone has a different method!

Q9. If studying away, when should you start looking for your next year’s accommodation?
Actual Answer: As early as November!

Joe’s Answer I would stay in the same accommodation.
Not going to worry too much about this at the moment as he is able to travel home. But I dread to think of what sort of budget he would be looking at with his taste?


This round is to test how well you know your teen and their approach to life. I had to guess what Joe’s answers to the following questions would be. So, how did I do?

1. What item from home are you most likely to take with you?

A. Me, XBOX.
A. Joe, Chef Knives.
Should have guessed that one, you can’t be a chef without them.

2. How many times a week will you call home?

A. Me, every night.
A. Joe, when I get time.
Head in hands, I am going to have to set up “find my phone”.

3. How many of your lectures will you attend?

A. Me, all of them.
A. Joe, all of them.
Thank goodness for that.

4. How long do you spend watching TV shows in a week (in hours)?

A. Me, 6-8
A. Joe, 8-10
It’s a way to wind down after a busy day of service; could be worse.

5. How would you navigate cleaning halls with housemates?

A. Me, never; I have to nag constantly for him to clean his room.
A. Joe, we could get a cleaner.
Ah the naivety, surely there is not enough money in the world?

6. How much will you budget for food each month?

A. You’d get food when I come home so no budgeting needed!
A. Joe, I would eat at work and you could send me food.
I know our son so well!

7. What is the first meal you cook at university going to be?

A. Me Super Noodles he loves those for a quick snack.
A. Joe, Super Noodles
I knew it!

8. What clubs/ societies will you/ did you join in freshers week?

A. Me, All of them.
A. Joe, All of them.
Surprise, surprise he loves socialising. When exactly would he fit in work I ask you?

9. What is your best money saving tip?

A. Me: This is an alien concept to Joe! Maybe delete some Apps where you easily spend money?
A. Joe, I promise I will put some money in my savings for my car insurance.
Yeh, yeh we’ll see.

10. What is your best stress busting tip?

A. Me, We are lucky, Joe doesn’t get stressed, but I would say get up in time that’s when he is most stressed.
A. Joe, just be chilled.
See, I told you! But that is something to be grateful for, even if the absence of a sense of urgency sometimes drives us mad.

11. If you had a 9am lecture, what time would you go to sleep the night before?

A. Me, too late.
A. Joe, when I am tired.
He has always struggled to sleep at night; he is like a bat!

Is Our Child Ready To Leaving Home To Study?

I think what this quiz has highlighted to us, is that even though we do things automatically, they are almost part of a learned behaviour, years of habit.

As parents it’s important to remember the little things like bin day and paying for a TV Licence are ingrained into our own habits. These are the things we forget, especially when planning meals, stocking kitchens, and arranging transport.

ad ‘This post is a collaboration with TV Licensing, but all thoughts and experiences are my own, but some sentences were reworded on my behalf’.

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