Important Things Parent’s Should Never Forget When Travelling With Kids


Cheap holidays are a great way to enjoy some family time and a much deserved rest but the preparation and travelling part isn’t always quite as fun.

Preparation is key to ensure you are ready for any eventuality.

I always travel with paracetamol in case any illness occurs. The one year we failed to do this the inevitable happened and Joe was poorly, resulting in very expensive taxi trips to a chemist to source temperature reducing medicine.

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It is also important to check the advice for area you are visiting. Are there any vaccination requirements for the region?

First aid kit

A travel sized first aid kit should come equipped with bandages, plasters and antiseptic wipes. Providing reassurance when you’re travelling to unfamiliar places. It will keep the little ones happy if they have a minor accident or fall.

Travelling can be made much easier for all involved with these handy items. A few of these should keep the whole family relaxed and in a great mood to begin the holiday of a lifetime or even just a cheeky getaway.

For those with smaller children, it can be stressful and not the best start to a relaxing break. To overcome potential tantrums and make the journey as easy as possible, pack these essential items.


8 Important Things Every Parent Should Never Forget When Travelling With Kids

Ziplock bags

It may be a simple plastic bag but the humble ziplock is guaranteed to come in handy. You’ll need one for carry on toiletries which – a security requirement in all major airports. Larger ziplocks can also be used for dirty clothes or those which have taken a spill. This can avoid your bag smelling and avoid a sticky mess. Be sure to pack plenty, you’ll be surprised how much you need.

8 Important Things Every Parent Should Never Forget When Travelling With Kids

Child carry-on suitcase

There’s now a huge selection of carry on suitcases for young children. Some feature their favorite animated characters whilst others include inbuilt travel games to keep them busy at the airport. You can even find ones which are designed to be sat on for those kids who get tired on their feet.

Travel pillow

A pillow for each family member is recommended.  And could be the difference between getting some much-needed sleep and arriving to your holiday a cranky mess. Child friendly ones are now available with cartoon and animal designs from owls, to dogs and monkeys.


Before leaving, add plenty of films, books and games to a tablet and you’ll have access to entertainment at the touch of a button. The children will appreciate having their favourite films and cartoons to watch. And it should keep them preoccupied for hours.

A colouring book

A no-frills colouring book is great way to take their mind off travelling for those children that don’t enjoy long car journeys or flights. As they become absorbed with their creation, they’ll be less likely to become bored and unsettled. Many now come with an inbuilt case to be used on the go, and mess-free markers or pencils means no ink stains on their hands or on your car seats.

8 Important Things Every Parent Should Never Forget When Travelling With Kids

Saline coated wipes

Snotty noses can be problematic for long journeys but with saline coated wipes you can make your child as comfortable as possible.

Author Profile; Demi Carlson is a mom of two who loves traveling with her kids. She likes photography and wildlife.

8 thoughts on “Important Things Parent’s Should Never Forget When Travelling With Kids”

  1. Hi Sarah, great tips and perfect timing as I expect they’ll be plenty of people travelling with their little ones over the Christmas period. I love ZipLoc bags, they are so handy. I can’t remember them being around when my two were young, but there would certainly have been some stuffed in the bag if I had found them.

    Those childrens drag-a-long/ sit-on suitcases are perfect for making children feel a little bit responsible and handy when they get tired, so handy for them to carry their own colouring in books in too!


  2. Zip lock bags are a god send. We used large ones when we went to Corfu for a wedding last year. I put all our wedding clothes in them as I just couldn’t run the risk of the sun tan lotion/shampoo leaking all over them. And how an earth did we manage to entertain kids before tablets x


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