iMantara Spa Products From Thai Square Spa


I have recently been trying out these ever so gorgeous iMantara products for the amazing Thai Square Spa and omg they are amazing. Not only are the products great they smell divine. 

Imagine bringing that spa feel and smell into the home? Well, that is exactly what these beautiful Jasmin scented products are like. I have been testing out the Peaceful Palms products, room spay and oil and the Jasmin high shine shampoo and healing conditioner.

Imantara Gift box

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Imantara Jasmine essential oil

Imantara spa products with jasmine

I will be honest I have a thing for products ! Like a real THING. I literally can’t resist a pretty delicious smelling product.

So getting a box of goodies like this is a real treat.

Having a nice smoothing hand wash and cream in the bathroom is a must! The boys laugh at my obsession with all things sweet and pretty smelling. And the hand products and perfect as such. The packaging looks great and super stylish and the product does not disappoint which can sometime happen cant it?

The room spray and oil has a light Jasmin smell that fills the room but is not overpowering! I never spray air-freshener because I hate that overpowering air-freshener smell. However the iMantara Jasmin spray give a light refreshing scent almost like burning a candle would. So as a result is very subtle yet does the job perfectly.

Thai Spa Square Product gift box

Imantara Spa Products

Jasmine Shampoo and Conditioner For Shiny Hair Imantara

Thai Square Spa products

And my absolute hero of all the products is the iMantara Jasmin High Shine Shampoo and Conditioner.

As I was washing my hair I felt concerned it would not be rich enough for my lightened and processed hair. It didn’t feel to absorb. However when I dried my hair it felt smooth and almost skinnier, that the only way I can describe it. And the smoothness latest for days which is incredible with my naturally curly hair. And the smell wow, although I may have looked a little odd smelling my hair.

So in summary I love the product they are a great addition for home and beauty and even better I have a lovely package of a room spray, essential oil, hand soap and hand cream to give to one reader. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below and good luck x

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153 thoughts on “iMantara Spa Products From Thai Square Spa”

  1. There are sooo many to choose from and all of them having different benefits.. if I absolutely had to choose one it would be lavender

  2. I’m a Clinical Aromatherapist, so this is a difficult question for me – the answer can change on a daily basis. Today, at least, I’d say Frankincense.

  3. Lavender oil without a doubt, but I once went to a spa who made their own oil and it was a fusion of rose and vanilla, it was gorgeous!!!

  4. So many essential oils to choose from, it’s hard to say which is my favourite as it changes depending on the season. In summer Jasmine is definitely one of my favourites, but in the autumn I tend to prefer woody scents such as sandalwood.


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