How To Match Flooring To The Latest Kitchen Trends


Having a new kitchen fitted is all about detail. What style do we want to go for?  Do we want an entertaining space; will it be a cook’s kitchen or more for show and convenient living? There are so many decisions to make.

How much is my budget? Cheap Kitchens can still be great quality and look fantastic, its all in the planning.

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How light is the room? This has a huge bearing on what flooring you choose, getting it wrong can make a kitchen dark and dull. Yet in the right kitchen a dark floor will look fabulous.

I wanted to share my top tips on choosing a great kitchen floor. As a floor can make or break a space in terms of design and functionality. 

Start with the practicalities pre design

Are you fitting under floor heating? If not how cold is the room naturally? A cold room could feel even colder with a slate floor. A luxury vinyl could offer the perfect solution in a contemporary kitchen. Giving you the look of slate without being cold to stand on.

How light is the room? This is such a huge deal, if you go for a dark contemporary kitchen you need to consider where the light will bounce. Dark cupboards absorb light; going for a lighter floor will make the kitchen feel lighter and brighter.

Unless you are going for a super contemporary look a wooden or darker floor would look better with a lighter kitchen to create warmth and contrast. Floors Direct offer a great selection of wood flooring and Kitchen laminate flooring options to suit all tastes from bleached wood to slate effect.

Do you have a messy family? My ideal look would be white flooring. I dream of a home with a sea of shiny white floors, in reality with two football mad boys and a dog there is no chance this could ever be a practical option in our home. Look at your family and be honest, are your family messy? If so plan around this and save yourself the heartache of constantly groaning over messy floors.

If you do have a dog traipsing in and out of the garden it is a great idea to check if a floor is slip-proof. Especially with kiddies running about! Because I hate to burst your bubble but if you have an accident-prone toddler, they will be an accident-prone teen!

Choosing a wooden kitchen floor to suit your kitchen

Factor in budget

Lets not pretend this is not a factor, for most of us budget is important. Getting the right look for a new kitchen is so important, but doing that within a pre set budget is key.

Decide where you are willing to compromise, list your priorities and be flexible in other areas. A great way to save on flooring is to use an engineered wood floor. Giving you the authentic appearance of solid wood but with a financial saving!

Laminate flooring is also a fantastic way to save money yet gives you so much flexibility with style. Which is available in a huge variety of styles and colours which could well be the best option to get the right look.

 wooden kitchen floors to suit your kitchen

Know your style

Lastly it’s all about style, know what you want to achieve. Is it a rustic modern look or loft style effect you want to achieve. For a new kitchen a great place to start is Kitchen Warehouse. As sometimes once you start it makes sense to change the whole kitchen.

Make a Pinterest board and pin looks you want to achieve this will help you come to a final decision. Having all you ideas in one place is a great way to eliminate looks that don’t work for you.

Get samples and check your dream floor works with your kitchen; not liking it once fitted is an expensive mistake to make. Ensure you consider different times of day and lighting to make exactly the right choice.

There you have it, following a few simple steps can make choosing the right floor a little easier and a whole lot more stylish. And don’t forget Pinterest it is a great resource for all things interiors.

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  1. Budget is definitely the most important, especially for such projects. Very useful advice. Would recommend them to anyone who is preparing for this kind of change in their home.


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