How To Make A Cake Topper In xTool Creative Space


In this beginner-friendly guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a beautiful but easy cake topper using xTool Creative Space. If you have seen my review of the tool P2 or if you have one at home, you will know this machine excels at cutting acrylic in no time at all.

Also, that creative space is an easy and versatile platform that empowers makers to bring their visions to life. Once you know how you’ll be on your way to crafting a stunning centre pieces and mastering easy cake toppers for your next celebration.

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Step by step how to make a cake topper in xTool Studio

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How To Make A Cake Topper In xTool Creative Space

Start by opening xTool creative space. You are going to design your cake toppers solely in xcs; this is the only programme you will need. Which makes making custom cake toppers so easy.

Once open, you can either turn on your laser machine or design first, I prefer to design before turning my machine is on. Mine is the xTool P2, but you can use any machine. If you are using the xTool M1, you won’t be able to cut your project in acrylic. But can cut your xTool cake topper in wood.

Start By Typing You Text

Start by clicking text on the left-hand bar. Now head to the text bar on the right-hand side to type in your text. For this Happy Birthday cake topper, I typed Happy and Birthday separately so I could hover one over the top of the other, starting with happy.

Start by Adding Text to xTool Creative Space

Now, choose your font; I used Magic Love, which is a font I had uploaded to XCS. However, if you look at the font below, it isn’t connected. To connect your letters, click weld in the bottom right-hand corner. To make your word bigger or smaller just drag from the corner.

Weld the letters together to make your cake topper in xTool creative Space

Now, take a look at the word and check it is fully connected; you will see that the H and A have a space in between them. You need to attach the letters, or the cake topper will not be cut as one. To do this, grab a circle from the left-hand shape bar and hover it over the space, dragging it small enough to bridge the gap. Then select all and click the combine button on the top bar. A drop-down box will appear; click unite and it will weld the image together.

Make sure the letters and all connected together to make a cake topper

Next, type birthday and follow the same steps. Start by welding it together, then, look for spaces. There was a space in between the heart and the letter I, so I added a small shape to fill the gap, but still maintain the heart shape.

Make sure the letters and full stops are connected together to make a cake topper

Create A Stick For Your xTool Cake Topper

To create a stick for your xTool cake topper, just grab a square from the left-hand bar. Once you have a square head to the top bar, you are looking for the size command. Click on the padlock in between the width and height boxes as this will unlock your square. Now, you can drag it into a long shape to attach to the happy birthday cake topper.

Grab a square from the shapes bar and unlock it to drag to make the stick for the cake topper

But first, I wanted to decorate my cake topper, there are so many image options in XCS. Or you can use any SVG; check out my free SVG files. However, I wanted to use flowers. I chose some flowers, positioned them in place alongside the happy birthday and positioned the stick. Now select all, click combine combine on the top bar, and unite.

Add the flowers from the shape bar, select all and click unite in the top bar.

Turn on Your XTool And Choose The Settings

When you turn on your xTool, and load your acrylic, the camera will pick up your image so you can see it in position and size accordingly. Now click on the image and choose the material in the right hand bar. There isn’t a lilac acrylic so I chose red under materials. Then click the ruler and click auto measure; this set the thickness at 5.5.

Position your cake topper in your xtool space

Click process and cut the cake topper, ensuring the fan is turned on or vent to the outside. My cake topper took less than 3 minutes to cut. Once cut, remove the protective layer and pop into a cake.

Cake topper cut on on xTool P2

Save You Project

If you are happy with your project, save it so you can make it again. I love this feature, as it saves the project and cut settings, saving time next time you need a cake topper. To save, click the folder in the top corner, and it allows you to save it as an XCS file with all the setting or as an SVG.

DIY Cake Topper with xTool

More Cake Topper Ideas and Files

Check out these amazing alphabet and number SVG files which are perfect for uploading to make cool xTool cake toppers.

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