A Little Update, How I Am Getting On Keeping My New Years Resolutions?


I know its August; don’t roll your eyes at me! But when Inntravel asked how I was getting on with my new years resolutions I thought it was a great time to reflect.

Do you know I had actually forgotten exactly what they were?

Thank goodness for blogging and the fact that I record my inner thoughts and feelings. So I hunted down my resolutions post and revisited my plans for the year. In so many ways this year has flown, yet January also feels so far away, is that even possible?

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I didn’t over burden myself this year, ensuring that I set realistic goals that gave me something to work towards. My main resolution being health and fitness, working from home can be hard. I love my job but being sat a desk all day can make you feel sluggish.

I am still continuing with Yoga (although that’s easier said than done in the school holidays) apart from this 6-week blip, which has been a huge juggling act. However in general making time for yoga has been a real success. I love how I am able to shut off even just for an hour or so.

And I am also keeping up with my daily walk, of course Toby makes that easy to obtain. Having a dog is a great way to get out and get fresh air.

It was important for me to continue getting more comfortable in front of the camera. Last year every time I posted a photo of myself I cringed. I am getting so much better at that and realise now that us ladies come in all shapes and sizes. And if we don’t embrace that and love ourselves then no one else will. Its been a bit of a road but I am feeling so much happier with posting photos of myself, even the geeky ones, they make me smile and realise I have a sence of humour.

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We have also been planning longer walks at the weekends. And choosing to walk to friend’s houses for get togethers rather than accept a lift. With a little planning and setting off early we have been able to walk a least 2 or 3 miles most Saturdays.

I have also totally fallen in love with spinning; the first few lessons were tough! But now I have built up I thoroughly enjoy the fast pace of the lessons. It’s a great way to get a quick fix of exercise when you are struggling for time.

I intend to start planning ahead for next year with my resolutions, it’s a great idea to start thinking about plans and goals.

Booking a winter walking holiday with Inntravel for January is a wonderful way to motivate yourself for those healthy new year’s resolutions! And something we have never considered until now. Chris and I plan to try to book a few more trips on our own, this was something we used to do religiously but this year there doesn’t seem to have been time. I aim to change this and a walking holiday could be a great option.

And with options such as the Canary Islands Island hopping, I can honestly see myself enjoying this sort of trip. The thought of all the amazing photos I could take and to get to see a bit of real island life. And hopping between island by ferry would feel like such a treat. With of course the opportunity to enjoy a little chill out and down time in the sun with a cocktail.


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We also plan to book a cruise; we haven’t cruised for a few years and all really miss it. It’s a wonderful way to see the world and something both the boys love. Jack will be 18 next arghhhhh so I want to pack as much adventure in whilst he is still traveling with us as I can.

Yoga will continue to be a feature in the exercise routine as will walking and spinning; exercise is a big part of my life now. If makes me feel so much better in myself mentally as well as physically. It’s a great way of getting rid of tension and stress.

And lastly, I plan to step away from my work a little more. I love what I do, but it is never far from my mind. However I need to plan in downtime and stick to it. I always have such good intentions but end up picking up my MacBook and pottering in the evening, its time to start planning a few black out evenings.



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  1. You look great Sarah, walking holiday sounds fun and you deserve a little bit of me time you’re always doing! How good is it to reflect I think I need to do this xxxxxx


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