How To Choose A Sofa That Has Timeless Style


Every year trends change, and we tweak our interiors to get a look we are happy with. Yet Habitat are talking about timeless style, about choosing pieces that last.

And as I look around our home, yes things have changed over the last couple of years but there are a few pieces that remain the same. The investment purchases that stand the test of time. And were chosen for that very purpose.

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But what do you look for in an investment purchase? As we are mid project for our new garden room and kitchen I have found I have spent too many hours pondering on getting the right sofa and which colour kitchen to go for. I have spent hours trawling sofa shops, coming out uninspired, because it has to be right.

Using a wicker basket as a side table

There is a strict interview process for said sofa, the requirements are rigid.

Maybe sharing that will help, it’s been a long haul to get to this stage, to know what timeless style is to us as a family.

Requirements For The Perfect Timeless Sofa

It has to be super stylish but not pretentious, you know the kind of super cool look that draws peoples attention, but not to cool that they are scared to sit on it.

Be inviting, so that people (teens) are drawn to snuggling up on a Sunday afternoon and want to hang out with said sofa. And in turn hang out with the adults of the house.

Said sofa must be comfortable for sitting on, but also for teens to lie on.

But not too comfortable that teens get stuck to it!

Be cool in the summer but cozy in the winter.

And also comfy for bear like dogs and their sofa blankets.

The sofa must be able to blend with new trends, and be happy to embrace new cushions as these can be quite changeable. As can table lamps and side tables.

It must not be judgmental if we choose to spend most of Sunday chilling on it. Even if we don’t wake the teenagers in the house up till 2pm because we are enjoying the peace.

However it must not be needy either, some days we just don’t sit down at all. On these days the sofa must be happy with the attention from teenagers and bear like dogs, they will always find the time to sit.

On this note sofa must not accuse bear like dog of stalking at any stage. He gets VERY attached to sofas.

It must integrate into family life, accept us all and become an integral part of the family.

And never judge any singing that may occur after a few glasses of wine. Or roll its proverbial eyes at any friends who may end up tipsy as a result of our outstanding hospitality.

Said sofa must not have a nervous disposition, this is a crazy house, there is always something going on.

And finally the sofa must be blue velvet, this is a non negotiable point.

Home Style Trends, Gold is the new Black

In Return The Christie Family Will Offer Any Sofa Willing To Take Us On

A good balance of attention and chill time.

Several weeks holiday a year where the sofa will have the house to themselves.

Lots of gossip, and all the latest news, music, movies and box sets. Sorry but this will probably include every blooming football match that is aired on British TV.

We promise to love you unconditionally, and introduce you to all of our friends.

And vacuum you regularly to remove any crumbs and dog hairs that teens and bear like dogs leave behind.

Finally we will share family life with you, you will be instrumental in important decisions, sharing good news, booking holidays, opening presents and celebrating with friends.

As much as you are going to be the centre of family life, we want you to be happy, fit in and generally become part of the furniture.

So What Is Timeless Style To Me?

Timeless style is finding the right pieces that fit in with us. With our crazy family and lifestyle. Our home is an entertaining home, we love welcoming friends, entertaining and sharing. There is ALWAYS something going on here.

We choose interior pieces because we love them and they fit us. That in turn has developed our own timeless style. One that can be tweaked with trends, yet always still being us at heart. The Christie family, crazy, chaotic us.

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