How Can I Reinvent My Living Room?


There may come a point where you feel like your home is becoming a bit boring. This could be due to having outdated furnishings, or simply not being content with the current layout and contents. Changing up your living room can be a large part of this, especially if you and your family spend a lot of time within the space.

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Making smaller changes may be more feasible than massive renovations, especially if your budget, or free time, is limited.

Repainting your walls could be a lot of work that you, quite frankly, don’t have the time, money, or even patience to undertake. Thus one of the simplest ways you may choose to alter the appearance of your walls can be artwork.

Creating an art wall with prints_

Rather than hanging standard picture frames, you could give your living room more of a contemporary feel by using photo prints from hello canvas, which can contain your own artwork or family snapshots. These can be delivered directly to you, thus meaning you don’t need to spend any of that precious time waiting in queues or for the printing to complete.

You may also want to make sure that you use the correct hanging fixtures, depending on your wall type, when putting canvases or other wall art up, to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Gallery Wall layout and choosing art

As with changing the wall colours, changing the carpet or other flooring within your living room might also be a rather expensive feat.

Again, you could use a simple hack to alter its look without spending a small fortune. You might want to place a rug, or even several, throughout the room. The design of your rug could correlate with the existing colour scheme in the room, or even become a more prominent feature. For wooden or tiled floors, a rug can also help to make a space feel warmer, which may be an important aspect to you.

The furnishings within the room may also be due a refresh. While you may want to buy new items such as curtains, you may be able to refurbish and upcyle others. One good example of this can be your sofa or armchairs. If the main cushions are still in good condition, you could opt to make new covers, and add new throws and pillows, that match your new colour scheme.

Stylist lounge areas and extra seating with faux fur footstool

Although this may take a bit of time, but can be less expensive than buying a new lounge set, especially if you own a sewing machine. If not, it is also possible to create cushions by hand, however, you may then want to make this a more long-term, ongoing project.

If time is not of the essence, you can reinvent your living room without needing to spend huge amounts of money. Finding ways to adjust its feel and appearance can involve a little more work on your part, yet it is feasible. The end result is room that the whole family loves to spend time in, even more than before you made these changes.

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