Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes And Mooching


Easter is a hop skip and a jump away. The sun is shining and the world feels a brighter place for it. There is something special about this time of year. As soon as the clocks go forward, the sun comes out and the lambs start appearing in the fields we know summer is coming.

This Easter we are actually away over the Easter weekend. Weirdly, although we have gone away nearly every Easter since the boys were little, this is the first time we are going to be away over actual Easter. We will be in glorious sunny Moudania, Halkidiki chilling with the sound of the sea in the background, and I can’t blooming wait.

Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

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Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

But until then it’s a list of jobs, piles of ironing and that pre holiday chaos that the Christie boys seem to be drifting through as if it is not happening. Meanwhile I am going to bed with lists whirring around in my brain, and clogging up my phone.

On Saturday when they all head off to Burnley for a football match I secretly rejoiced. Jack had even infiltrated my yoga class this week, making me leave early to collect him from revision thus missing the relaxation part, which is my absolute favourite bit.

So I may have been looking forward to an afternoon doing exactly what I wanted. After a mooch in TK Maxx, I say mooch, I never just mooch in TK Maxx, I always buy. How can you not?

This week I had a particularly successful visit, and left with a huge goodie bag of Ralph Lauren for Chris and Jack, I can never resist it when they have their sizes, as it’s too much of a bargain! I am afraid I find it very hard to leave without purchasing at least one item for one of them. Sometimes I just sneak it in a suitcase for our next holiday and they never know it’s there.

Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

I also spent ages procrastinating over the gorgeous oriental bowls all displaying different patterns and colours. I decided on 4 but I know I will be sneaking back for more. They are perfect family dinners around the table and filling with pretty Easter eggs and baking ingredients. Still mooching I found the Ralph Lauren napkins very hard to resist and spend some time deciding what matching tea towels to buy.

Please don’t roll your eyes, I know I had things to do but sometimes being undecided about table linen is exactly what you need to calm and distract your mind.

Once fully loaded with treasure I head home to bake, I have said this many times before but baking really is one of my happy places.

I love baking with the boys but for a truly chilled experience you can’t beat baking alone, being covered in flour and the kitchen in total chaos. Of course at the moment I am on full baking mode in the bid to play with my beautiful new Belling Range.  I love the reward at the end, delicious goodies that make everybody whoop with joy. And inevitably bicker over that last one.

Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

Home Made Delicious Marshmallow Cupcakes

I had never made Marshmallow cupcakes before, and chose a recipe from my fave little Hummingbird Bakery Book, I love the consistency of the batters, and they taste delicious.

And for the oh so simple recipe check out my post on the Belling blog. But top tip, keep the marshmallow on the hob when filling the cup cakes, as soon as it starts setting it turns to a glue like substance. I literally stuck my fingers to a cup cake, and said cup cake had to be sacrificed in a bid for freedom. There really was no other way but to eat the cake to free my fingers. I kid you not!

Have a wonderful Easter, and you can’t beat a marshmallow cupcake as welcome change from all that delicious chocolate, if you can’t over indulge on sweet treats at this time of year, then when can you?

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