Highlights From The Bravo Cruise 2018 Onboard Celebrity Silhouette


Last week I shared part one of the Highlights from our Bravo Cruise. But there is so much to share; I still have so much more to say!

The entertainment on-board the Bravo Cruise was world-class.

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I don’t think we will ever experience such a wonderful entertainment line up ever again at sea. Like I have said before, cruise entertainment is always great and improving all the time. But Bravo provided some truly wonderful acts.

A view from the Lift on Celebrity Silhouette

Who performed on the Bravo Cruise?

If you are a lover of the theatre then you could not fail to be impressed by the line up on the Bravo Cruise.

The headliners were;

Wynne Evans was just hilarious weaving the funniest commentary into some of the most beautiful songs. He has us crying with laughter and then speechless at his wonderful voice.

Katherine Jenkins is even more beautiful in real life her voice is truly spectacular. She put on a real show with several costume changes into the most beautiful dresses.

Alfie Boe was incredible, I am a HUGE fan so might have been a bit giddy. I loved how he sang a mix of classic and current songs, it felt like we were at his concert. Which I suppose we sort of were. For us the absolute highlight was when he invited Joe onto the stage whilst he sang, Joe was thrilled it made his trip.

Meeting Alfie Boe on the Bravo Cruise

Ruthie Henshall had such a different style and sang some of my all time faves including songs from Oliver and Chicago.  I adored her stories we weaved into each song which made the show feel really personal.

These wonderful performers were all supported by the national philharmonic orchestra.

Who were spectacular, I could have watched them forever, the sheer skill and beauty of their music took my breath away. They supported every musician like they had worked together for years.

I also want to give a huge should out to the Stomping Ivories who attracted a huge audience every time they played, they were so amazing that every night they were moved to a bigger venue. They played the coolest mix of songs to suit every taste, which ensured every performance was packed to the rafters.

There were dozens more incredible acts, I don’t think we saw a bad one during our time on board. You could drift from one amazing performance to the next at almost any time of day.

The Pool Deck on Celebrity Silhouette is spacious and stylish.

With an indoor spa pool (Adults only) and a main pool with 2 pool areas a shallow and deep pool. There are 3 bar areas around the pool, one of the bars also offering snacks such as burgers and hotdogs. I have to say the burgers were too good. I literally could not resist them!

The Spa Pool on Celebrity Silhouette
Spa Pool on Celebrity Silhouette

The sun beds were padded and super comfortable, also offering a selection of day beds in and out of the sun and hammocks in shaded areas. Yes there was the fair share of sun bed reservers. (My biggest pet hate ever) But I did see pool staff removing belongings from unattended sun beds on several occasions. And we never struggled getting somewhere to sit after a day exploring.

The Pool on Celebrity Silhouette

There was always a plentiful supply of towels and blankets available, we swapped ours several times after dipping in and out of the pool and there was always a good supply.

The main pool is surrounded with 4 hot tubs these were never over full. More hot tubs could be found in the spa pool area.

Which Drinks Package Should I choose on Celebrity Cruises?

We were really torn whether to go with the classic or premium drinks package. Generally when we cruise we get a wine package for dinner and them buy our drinks as we go along. However the packages price to be great value. The classic package on Celebrity Silhouette cost us $55 per person per day. This included drinks up to $9 per serving which covered many wines, a few gin and spirit choices, a great cocktail selection, soft drinks and speciality coffees in Cafe Bacio.

When you break it down it is great value, by the time you have a few coffees late morning, cappuccino with breakfast. soft drinks throughout the day with the odd cocktail and glass of prosecco and wine with lunch and dinner. This all adds up and to know it is all covered takes the guesswork out of your bill.

Martini Bar on Celebrity Silhouette
The Martini Bar Onboard Celebrity Silhouette

You can upgrade to the premium package for an extra $10, which I did consider, however I only had a few cocktails and margaritas over $9 so paid the extra on those occasion.

My main reservation of the classic package was the quality of the wine and not having bottled sparking water. However the quality of the wine was just fine, I found several that I enjoyed. And I found the cans of club soda an acceptable alternative to sparking water.

Celebrity Silhouette is the most stylish of ships in fact it is pristine. With lots of areas to mingle or chill and get quiet time, there is the option to do both.

A particular favourite spot of mine was the Cafe al Bacio, which was the perfect spot to eat cake and drink coffee. Joe loved the ice creams from the Gelato Bar, which cost $5 for 2 scoops, however cookies and cake were free.

There is also the most beautiful library stocked with books and a pod area for chilled quiet time and many stylish bar areas.

For outdoor space without the buzz of the pool, the lawn club offers hammocks in the shade or you can chill out on the lawn.

The Lawn Club Celebrity Silhouette
The Library on Celebrity Silhouette

Tree House Pods on Celebrity Silhouette

In conclusion, would we sail with Celebrity cruises again?

Absolutely, we loved the ship and all it has to offer. The Bravo cruise was spectacular and Celebrity Silhouette is faultless the staff, service and food were extraordinary. We were unlucky with the kids club but this did not detract from our trip. The fabulous entertainments more that made up for it. See part one here and to see what we got up to each day check out our postcards over on cruising with kids.

Sadly the Bravo cruise will not be sailing out of the UK next year but check out Cruise Co for the Bravo 2019 sailing out of Australia.

Check out our highlights from the Bravo Cruise vlog below.

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  1. We’ve never done a cruise, and I’ve always wondered if they’re better for younger families but you’ve really tempted me to do one with my kids. What amazing entertainment! I love that you can pick your theme – I don’t think I’d get away with taking Maddie on anything but an ice show cruise 🙂


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