Gtech HyLite Review, What I Love About This Lightweight Vacuum


Two weeks ago I hotfooted it down to London for the launch of the Gtech HyLite Vacuum so here is my Gtech HyLite Review.

You may have guessed by now that I have a bit of an obsession with vacuums, so I may have been quite giddy to be the first to see the newest super lightweight vacuum on the market.

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My Vacuum obsession is a result of living with a dog who is more like a small bear. Oh and he is no moult free variety. Toby my furry 3rd child shares his huge mop of fur with anyone that is a brave enough to venture within a foot of him. So vacuuming daily is a necessity in the Christie household.

Does the Gtech HyLite pick up pet hairs?

Add into the mix 2 messy teenage boy men and being mid build on a home renovation project. This is no easy house to clean at the moment, between football boots carrying mud, dust, cement and dog hair I have my work cut out.

Vacuuming daily has many downsides. Time and effort being the main two. I will be honest I thought I had it covered in the vacuum department, but there were areas we were lacking. Something to vac the sofas, stairs and do a quick and easy vac being at the top of the list.

Small lightweight vacuums

There was a hole in our vacuum life and the Gtech HyLite has well and truly filled it.

So I thought rather than bombard you with technical details, because you can just get those off the website right?

Instead I will translate those facts about the worlds most compact high performance vacuum, and tell you why that is great for you at home. But also tell you what the benefits of all these fancy features are to us, the consumer. Because that is what I want to know when investing in a vacuum.

Gtech HyLite Review, What Is Great And Good

The Gtech Hylite Is Lightweight

Yes the HyLite on weighs 1.5 kg. To you or I that means it is super lightweight, in fact I can lift it with my little finger. When I first started using it I was a little concerned as it feels like a great quality toy. I kid you not, I had flashback of vacuuming with my mum as a child with my little toy vac. That is what it feels like.

However, this makes vacuuming a doddle, I seem to whip round in no time at all. It really does feel effortless. And with a price tag of £199 its not too pricey compared to a lot of other vacuums.

The HyLite Has A Removable Head

Now this is my favourite feature. You have the option to make the telescope handle long or short. The short handle is incredible for the stairs, it rotates or stays static giving you flexibility to get along skirting boards or into corners.

However if you take the handle off the Gtech HyLite it becomes a tiny handheld vacuum, and omg you have no idea how easy that makes vacuuming the sofa and cushions.

The Gtech Hylite lightweight cordless vacuum

How Long Does The Gtech HyLite Take To Charge and how long does it last?

Like all batteries it’s better to let it run out rather than constantly charging, and only plug in long enough to charge. The battery is removable and has an indicator light that flashes amber and green. Charging time is only 2 hours. A full charge will give you a 20 minute runtime, which I am getting.

And does the Gtech Lightweight Vacuum have power?

Yes it does, however the HyLite’s 14.4V Lithium-ion battery uses over 8 times less power than many corded vacuum cleaners need during a year. Thus making it more energy efficient and power efficient to use as it needs less electricity to work, meaning less time and money charging.

And because you do not have a long hose less energy is needed to suction the dirt and dust.

Review of the Gtech HyLite Vacuum

What About The Gtech HyLite Bags?

My pet hate is emptying the vac, it drives me mad, all that dust and floating hair. I love that the HyLite has disposable filter bags, which means no filters (washing filters is another pet hate). The bags fit neatly into the unit and are easy to remove when full.

The tiny 0.3L bag holds up to 1L of rubbish. And how long do they last? After 2 weeks of using, my bag is nowhere near half full, as its a bag it is able to compact the dirt. The average home will use 7-15 bags a year at a cost £12.99 for a pack of 15. However the Gtech HyLite comes with 4 bags.

Does The HyLite Pick Up Pet Hairs?

Oh yes, this baby is totally able to keep up with Toby, and that is no easy Job! I don’t think I have ever found anything that vacs dog hairs off the sofa and cushions like the HyLite. Toby has a blanket for when he sits on the sofa, but that hair still gets everywhere. Using the handheld unit makes it so easy to remove pet hairs from cushions.

The smallest most compact and lightest vacuum review

Is It Easy To Store

There is a problem here, the best lightweight vacuum is also tiny, its so compact and easy to store you must give it a permanent home. Otherwise you will lose it! I mean how can you possible lose something that does all of the above?

The Gtech HyLite comes in a drawstring bag to you can hang in a cupboard, although it is so small you can also keep it in a draw.

This also makes it perfect if you going away on a UK cottage break! OMG did I just say that out loud? Yes I am considering taking it on holiday next month! But why would you faff about with a giant vacuum after using the Gtech HyLite?

Any Downsides To The HyLite

If I had to be picky it does not get into tiny corners as well as a nozzle or brush would. But that really is my only issue.

Small compact vacuum the Gtech Hylite Review

Gtech HyLite Review, My Final Thoughts!

I love it, its such an easy to use lightweight vacuum. It makes vacuuming the house less of a chore as its super light and quick to use. I love that it uses less power, needs emptying less. And for us storage is a huge deal, so the fact that it was be hung up or stored in a draw makes it a winner for me.

And I bet you are asking why the flowers? Well, have you ever seen a vacuum that does all this the size of a bunch of flowers? No me neither!

Disclaimer I was gifted the Gtech HyLite but all opinions and my bear like dog used for demonstration purposes are my own.

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Review of the Gtech HyLite Vacuum posibly the smallest, lightest vacuum with power

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  1. Good fun review with punch. Covers all technical areas and all user areas. How can you not like someone and something that’s going on holiday together ?


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