Benefits Of Growing Bushes And Trees In Your Garden


If you’ve recently moved home and have been thinking that your garden could do with a bit of extra life, bushes and trees could be the answer you’ve been looking for. But what benefits do these plants really bring to your garden?

Regardless of the type of bush or tree you’ve been eyeing up in your local gardening centre, you can expect to reap at least some of the following rewards:

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What You Will Find Here


Are you tired of neighbour’s constantly peering over into your garden? No matter how much you get along with the people who live next door, everyone deserves some alone time in the comfort of their own garden.

Buying shrubs or trees for privacy in your yard can make you feel like you’re shielded from prying eyes without ruining relationships. Lots of neighbour’s don’t like the idea of having large walls or fences between gardens but are often more than happy to see some extra greenery.

Choose bushes or trees that grow a little bit taller than the fence you currently have to give you as much cover as possible.

Creating Areas in your garden

Colour And Dimension

Most people assume that all bushes look the same, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. Bushes come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colours, which help you to create a vibrant, multi- dimensional feeling in any outdoor space. For example, choosing to plant a holly bush next to a red majestic shrub will create contrast in not just colour, but leaf shape as well.

Mix and match your bushes with trees to suit the look you’re going for, or stick with a similar type of shrub to create a more uniform effect. You can plant your shrub of choice at any time of year, but make sure you choose a season that’s favourable for planting to give you the best chance at success.

The garden

More Wildlife

If you’ve been trying to attract more wildlife to your garden, trees and bushes can help you to create a safe, nurturing environment for animals, birds, and insects. Most animals like to visit gardens that resemble their natural habitats and provide them with shelter.

Gardens that are overly manicured and have no place to hide will be unappealing, as most creatures won’t be able to find the food they need or get away from predators. Thus choose your trees carefully depending on the type of creatures you want to invite into your outdoor space.

Creating A Garden Chill Space with TK MAXX


Sitting outside in the summer is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but it’s easy to overheat in the afternoon when the sun is beating down on you non-stop. Tall bushes or trees can provide you with enough shade to cool off during the hottest parts of the day and may reduce your need for a tent, sun umbrella, or patio cover.

Up-Cycling A Garden Table The House of British Ceramic Tile

Plant your bushes strategically so that the rest of your plants still get enough light, as the last thing you want is to plunge your garden into shadow. This can sometimes happen with larger trees, which makes bushes the perfect option for people with smaller gardens.

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