Greener Cleaning With Polti Moppy Cordless Steam Mop


If you had said to me a year ago I would be writing about the Polti Moppy Cordless Steam Mop I would have rolled my eyes at you and said “you are mad, I will never talk about a mop on my blog.”

But you know what? I am going to talk about Moppy steam mop, my new ever so clever cordless steam mop. Because contrary to popular belief bloggers do have to clean their homes! Ok some have cleaners, like in all walks of life. But there are no Snow White like birds and deer’s appearing over the fields every morning to set off in the sunshine vacuuming, dusting and cleaning our little house until its spick and span. Oh can you imagine the joy of that? In fact lets just spend a minute or two enjoying that thought!

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No, the fact is we clean our own home.  And Toby is no Disneyesque cleaning animal, quite the opposite he is bone idle and groans through his fringe when you dare to disturb him with jobs such as cleaning. Which is ironic as it’s that hairy beast that creates the floating hairballs and mud that graces our wooden floors!

There have been many cleaners, but I am TOO FUSSY. No one cleans your own home like you do they, or have I just not found the right cleaner? I found myself setting traps for said cleaners back in the day (all 4 of them) as I knew they were not cleaning properly. Swilling a load of water over your floors is not cleaning them, and to vac a floor properly you have to move things!

Large Fireside pale blue and grey rug from Friths

Creating A Vintage Yet Modern Dining Space

So we are cleaner-less, mainly due to my sheer fussiness.

And I am not ashamed to say I clean, and that I am super fussy. Just because I don’t share that on my insta feed does not mean I am not a clean freak. I am just more of a fan of the finished result of the sparkly clean home. Not the chaos that living with teens and a dog often presents.

The main issue in our home is keeping the floors clean. We have solid wood floors, which are porous and absorb dirt. Not that practical with teens and dog! But they do look beautiful when clean. But it takes so long, meaning before Moppy came along I would have to dedicate a morning cleaning blooming floors and miss out on that extra chance to go to the gym.

A little more about the Moppy Steam Mop

It takes seconds to set up Polti Moppy Cordless Steam Mop, you simply fill it with water plug it in and its ready making it quick and easy to use. It is also lightweight enabling you to move it around the house easily.

Moppy is a fantastic hard floor steam cleaner, which has removable velcro cleaning pads that allow you to take them off and wash them during cleaning. And then put in the washing machine wash afterwards.

You can also steam clean walls and tiles in minutes. Cleaning the bathroom wall tiles is a job I have always avoided, however it takes minutes with Moppy. This is one of my favourites uses as it is an amazing wall steam cleaner. Most of our walls are white and it cleaned mucky hand marks off in no time.

Moppy Wall Steamer

Wall Steam Mop by Polti

It is also wonderful on wooden blinds; this took minutes rather than the 20 minutes cleaning every single slat separately.

Steam cleaning also means green cleaning as you do not need to use detergent, there may be the cost of the unit outlay initially however you recoup this with the savings on cleaning products and time saved. And with less plastic package wastage from cleaning products Moppy really helps me do my bit to reduce plastic waste.

You can dry dust wooden floors with Moppy using static cloths. As the head is thin and adjustable so it gets under furniture and into corners and difficult to clean places.

Floor Steamer review of moppy

Review of Polti Steam Moppy

The mop sits on a portable unit which is lightweight meaning you can move it around the house easily as you work.

It is cordless, you recharge the mop with steam on the portable hub and then is cord free stream cleaning.

You do not need a bucket. The base the cordless steam mop sits on produces fresh steam every time you place it on the base unit.

Moppy is fantastic for dusting, simply shorten the handle and attach a dusting cloth to get to difficult to reach places.

Keeping wooden floors clean with a steam mop

Is the Polti Moppy worth the Money?

With a price tag of £139 it is not cheap. However it is not just a mop it’s also an easy to use steam cleaner, which is able to quickly clean and sanitize without using detergents. And just for time it saves me alone I would say it is worth the money.  Moppy is quick, portable and effective thus making cleaning floors and walls quicker and easier. And that has to make it worth every penny?

So yes, until the day those Disney birds and deer appear to miraculously to clean my home (because who in their right mind would turn them down?) I am sticking with Moppy. The time it takes me to wash my floors and walls now, I don’t need a cleaner. Even better, I still have the time to do the things I love.

And to celebrate Polti’s 40th birthday I am giving my readers a special discount code to give you £40 off Moppy. Just add MOPPY40EC at the checkout, order here.




236 thoughts on “Greener Cleaning With Polti Moppy Cordless Steam Mop”

  1. I love this Sarah… I had a steam cleaner for the last 3years. I think I over used it and it’s totally exhausted so i’ve Had to put it to rest! 😉 So I new Moppy in the lovely fresh white colour would be perfect!! Love it! Fingers crossed 🙂 Xxxx

  2. I would love moppy white, with ten month twin grandsons, three cats and a visiting grand puppy I need all the help I can get.

  3. I would live one of these, as my bathroom floor is so grubby and never looks clean! A steam mop would be fab to get it gleaming. The red moppy would be my choice please, I’ll name her moppy poppy 🙂
    Thank you for the chance. Good luck everyone x

  4. I’d choose the red one 🙂 These sound so fantastic; just what I need to try and keep on top of the cleaning here!

  5. I’d love the Red Moppy… you’ve now inspired me to tackle the tiles in the shower and hubby will love cleaning the kitchen floor without all the water slopping around …xx

  6. The black sounds very practical. Thank you.

    I love your opening remarks: If you had said to me a year ago I would be writing about a mop I would have rolled my eyes at you and said “you are mad, I will never talk about a mop on my blog.” They made me smile.

  7. I would love a red mop – we’ve recently started buying red small appliances for the kitchen as and when they need replacing (got a lovely red toaster a few weeks ago) and it would fit perfectly with our new colour scheme :o)

  8. I would love the Polti Moppy Red please. I would love to give my slate tiles and wooden floors a really deep clean and this looks such an ingenious mop.

  9. I would love the white one please – what agreat product too, lightweight is a huge advantage

  10. The red one as its my fave colour. This would come in very handy for my Spring cleaning that I havnt started yet lol. Thanks for the chance

  11. I would really like the Black moppy please very modern, love that it is Immediate, practical and quick, sanitizing without detergents using a microfiber hot steam-charged cloth around my home keeping it clean and safe.


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