Getting Your Bust Size Right, And Why You So Need Too!


I have gone through my life believing my bra fit! Such a simple thing, so easy to remedy but in all honestly I had no idea my bra size was wrong. As far as I was aware I had got it right.

And this is a common tale of women all over the world, it’s not the fact that I am a total dope and got my bust size so wrong, its seems so many women do much the same.

The discovery was made when I attended the Wacoal press day. I had been invited to view the new and ever so gorgeous collections from all of their global brands, I have to say I am a sucker for a pretty lingerie set. I have talked before about how important it is to feel good from the inside out. It doesn’t matter who does or does not see your pretty lingerie it’s about the fact that it’s there and how that makes you feel.

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Wacoal Spring Summer 18 collection

Wacoal SS18 BTempTD Collection

Part of the aim of the day was also to promote fitting awareness and as such there was a booth available to enable visitors to get fitted. 

I will be honest I nearly never bothered. It was freezing cold outside, and I was wrapped up in so many layers, the thought of undressing seemed too much effort. But sometimes you just need to get over yourself and get into the spirit of an event. I had a swift word with myself and got in the queue, confident they were not going to tell me anything I didn’t know.

Pretty Lingerie from Fantasie

And then I got my bust size measured!

And I was out! Not just a bit but 3-cup sizes out, how can you be 3-cup sizes out! And I kid you not as soon as I put on the correct size bra the difference was incredible.

And here is how I had been getting wrong, I had been wearing bra’s that were bigger round the band and smaller in the cup. This is in fact the wrong way round! A bra should be smaller around the band and bigger in the cup.

The former will appear to fit, but will in-fact make your shape distorted and feel uncomfortable. I do have to admit to feeling like my bra cups were not quite right. But I still thought they fit. You see when the band is so loose there is no support for the rest of the bra.

getting your bust size measured

How should a correctly fitting bra look and feel? 

Firstly, comfortable, so much more comfortable, at first it felt a little tight around the band. But I am used to that snug fit now. Which feels secure rather than tight.

A correctly fitting bra looks better. I had no idea how un-shapely my bra made me look until I discovered my new size. Not only does my shape look better, my clothes fit and look so much better. How is this even possible? But getting a correctly fitting bra is key to body confidence and feeling great in your clothes.

How can I find out my correct size?

You can measure yourself at home; however in my recent experience I would get correctly fitted by a specialist Check out this handy guide to identify whether you need to get measured correctly. And please don’t just roll your eyes and think, my bra fits I am fine. If you haven’t been measured for a while take a little time out when you are on your next shopping trip and get measured. You might just be surprised.

getting correct fitting lingerie

Perfect fitting lingerie









7 thoughts on “Getting Your Bust Size Right, And Why You So Need Too!”

  1. There is nothing more annoying or uncomfortable than an ill fitting bra. I always seem to buy them too small. The thing that annoys me the most is they seem to be different from shop to shop. In one store my size will feel like I’m trying to park my boobs into a mammoth tent and in another I’m spilling out at the edges xx

  2. I agree with Kerry above – what is supposed to be a universal size varies wildly from one shop to the next! I have to admit I haven’t been measured for years though I know my size has probably changed over time after three kids and breastfeeding. I’ve been wanting some pretty lingerie for ages and never seem to get round to buying it. You’re right though, it doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t see it, it’s about feeling good in the clothes you’re wearing.

  3. I swear every shop tells me to wear something different and I don’t think I have ever found one that fits right and is comfortable after the first few wearings. It’s something I have always hated doing is shopping for under garments. I need to try this. #wrc

  4. I really. really need to get fitted. None of my bras fit me properly! These are all so beautiful.
    Thanks for the reminder, I’ll be popping in to M&S for a fitting this week for sure! x


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