How to Make Your Bed More Comfortable And Get A Better Nights Sleep.


You spend half of your life in your bed – unless you’re one of those night owls that can sleep at 3am, and still wake up jolly as ever at 8am. I definitely don’t fit into that camp which is why I try to ensure that my bed is the comfiest that it can possibly be.

Here are 5 simple tips that will instantly improve the comfortability of your bed without making any dramatic changes: 

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Get Rid of the Double Mattress

Crazy right, but also so obvious! If you share a bed with a partner, then it’s a great option to get rid of your double mattress, and opt for two single mattresses instead of one mattress. Put it this way: if you buy a pair of shoes for you and your partner, and one takes the left foot and one takes the right, then of course the one pair of shoes won’t fit both parties.

The same goes for beds, one mattress doesn’t suit all and there are different spring counts and firmness levels that some may prefer in comparison too others. So, two single mattresses may be best for a bed base as you can both choose your own according to what feels most comfortable.

Plenty of Pillows

Pillows not only look great, they also improve how comfortable you are. Pillows can be moved around to where they’re most beneficial; for example, a lot of people benefit from having a pillow behind their back if they suffer from back pain. But they are also super handy on lazy Sunday mornings when you want to prop yourself up with a cup of coffee and read a good book.

White Pin-tuck Bedding from Sainsburys

Add a Mattress Topper

If you’re starting to feel that your double or single mattress is in need of an upgrade but you’re not financially ready for a new one, then perhaps invest in a mattress topper. This sits on your mattress and works as an extra layer of comfort.

Happy Beds sell three mattress toppers that are suitable to different comfortabilities and levels of support.

Thin Duvets and Heated Blankets

Imagine this: it is a surprisingly warm day during winter, and your bed is covered in a thick, winter quilt. You’re too hot if you keep it on, but too cold if you sleep with it off – what do you do?

The simple trick for this is to keep your quilts thin and invest in a blanket that will heat your bed up when you’re feeling a little chilly. This will mean that you will always be the right temperature, and you shouldn’t wake up feeling cold ever again!

Alternatively layer blankets and thiner quilts, layering gives a great effect but also give you the option to strip away layers should you get too warm.

Springtime Bedding in White from Sainsburys

White and Bright

The reason why a 5* hotel uses white bedding is because it is extremely bright and inviting. Oh, and it also proves the bed is spotlessly clean and hygienic as white hides nothing!

White sheets will brighten up the room a little more, ensuring that you wake up as positively as you possibly could in the morning. The darker the colour, the darker the room will feel.

Hope these tips help, I have really had to adapt my bedtime routine lately to ensure I get a great nights sleep. I never before thought Christmas jetlag was a thing but I sure am feeling the effects of the festive season in my sleep patterns.

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