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From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby

I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love Denby?

I never forget when we first got married, leafing though the Denby brochure, trying to choose a dining set for our wedding list. We couldn’t agree on colour, so we ended up choosing a bone china set from a different brand. It was so fragile we never used it. And I never got Denby out of my system until I bought my Jet Dining set many years later.

We have had the Jet dinner set for 12 years and use it everyday. I love it, it still looks great, and apart from replacing bowls that the boys have dropped my Jet dinner set has stood the test of time. What I love about Denby is you can keep adding to it and it never dates, always looks fresh and modern, and that is all in the design.

From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby, inside the Debby Factory

Denby Always Entertaining Deli Range

Denby Diner Set and pancake breakfast

My most recent set is the Heritage set, totally different in colour and style and perfect for entertaining. I love the pastel shades and simple styling of it so much I have already started adding pieces to the set. And it’s not just me! Many of my friends also feel the Denby love.

When the invitation came to spend the day at the Denby Potteries, I may have been a tad excited.

Ok a total understatement, I was beside myself. And the chance to meet design director Richard Eaton arghhh.

We started our tour outside the factory right where it all begins, at the clay mound. All the clay used at Denby is locally sourced. It is an odd feeling to be stood at the foot of a clay mountain knowing what lies in front of you is 15 years worth of beautiful luxury tableware. Let me tell you it takes some vision.

Once inside the factory we were guided through the life of the products. Starting right at the beginning shaping the clay, to painting and glazing. I had this vision of a piece of clay going into a machine and coming out a teapot.

The Debby Factory Tour

Inside the Denby Factory

This is just not the case; the amount of people involved in every Denby piece is astounding. Starting with the Design team, who don’t just design one range but a range in several styles and colours. This is all done with the knowledge that only one of these ranges will make it to market. Even choosing the correct shade, shape, and glaze is an exact science that can take months to perfect.

Can you imagine pouring all that love into a collection that never see the light of day? But all is not lost as these pieces all make up a living mood board which is all pulled together when planning future collections.

From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby, Halo Tea Set

Halo Debby Cup

From Clay To Cup, A Day With DenbyWe were so honoured to see the all the possible variations of the next range to hit the market!

The difficulty is that everybody has a different take on what works. Can you image the market research and soul-searching that goes into choosing the right range.

Richard also gave us a tour through Denby history talking about how Denby have evolved through the years to keep the ranges looking fresh and modern.

From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby

From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby

Once colour pallets and styles are confirmed the product hits the factory floor. And after walking though the production process I will never look at a Denby piece the same again. Every handle is put on by hand, every glaze is hand painted. Yes, machinery is used to form the shape of the product, but skilled operators control the machinery. Who are vital to the process and ensuring the product is perfect. It’s wonderful to know that not everything is mass-produced in this day and age.

During our factory tour I witnessed the skill that goes into making Denby great and beautiful. I tried to dip a pot in glaze; I mean come on it can’t be that hard can it? Well, let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks; perfection takes practice, patience and lots of skill.

Inside the Debby Factory, an amazing tour

From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby

After a delicious lunch our tour was wound up with a session in the workshop making a tile. These are to be fired and will be arriving through my door shortly, I can’t wait. We were also able to watch a pot being thrown the tradition way by one of the factories most experienced potters, who is now an advisor to the design team. The Denby Pottery is one of those places you can feel the creativity and skill in the atmosphere because everybody has it to some degree.

From Clay To Cup, A Day With Denby
Throwing a pot at the Debby Factory

A Clay Workshop at Denby

Once our tour was over we got to spend a little time in the shops.

The Denby Village has a whole host of shops. If you haven’t been I would thoroughly recommend a visit. The Pottery Village has a perfect shop, a factory shop, candle shop amongst others. For lunch there is a fantastic cafe and bistro. And the Denby Pottery offers lots of factory experiences from tours and cookery demonstrations to pottery painting. It really is so worth the visit, I came away after a wonderful day with some fab Denby bargains to add to my collection. 

My Day at the Denby Pottery Village with a behind the scenes factory tour.

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Stephanie Robinson

Thursday 13th of October 2016

What a fab day. I love Denby too - and remember my parents have a very 70s set in the 70s ironically. Now we have the Greenwich set, it was MOH's before we moved in together and ironically we live in Greenwich too, I do wonder if that's why he chose it - because that saved making an actual decision, but it's lovely and we added to it as part of our wedding list. The only downside it just doesn't break!! I'd be very keen for an alternative set to use occasionally, maybe I will one day #homeetc


Sunday 16th of October 2016

Ha ha I will send my kids to you Stephanie, they love the bowls and have dropped a few on the kitchen floor, I bought plastic ones for them to use but they insist on using the Denby, but I have had one of my sets over 10 years and kids aside it is still going strong x

Karen Clough

Friday 7th of October 2016

LOVE your images! My post is going live next week – just waiting for our creations to arrive :) Lovely to meet you there. Was such a fun day! Karen xx


Monday 10th of October 2016

Karen it was so lovely to meet you too, and what a fab day x

Caro | The Twinkle Diaries

Thursday 6th of October 2016

Aaah Sarah — this is one opp I would have absolutely loved!!! What a treat; I always love tours around this kind of place. I did a project on Moorcroft whenI was at college. Getting to go and see the pieces being made was such a thrill. WISH I'd be with you!!!! Fab post lovely!! xx Caro #HomeEtc


Monday 10th of October 2016

Ah Caro I would have loved to share this day with you as I know you would have loved it as much as me x

Lizzie Woodman

Thursday 6th of October 2016

This sounds like such a wonderful day! I would love to visit a pottery. The Denby colours are so pretty. #HomeEtc


Monday 10th of October 2016

Lizzie it was the most amazing day I loved it x


Wednesday 5th of October 2016

This is amazing! So much art and beauty that goes into these wonderful pieces. I had never heard of Denby and I am looking for some new things. Thanks for sharing!


Monday 10th of October 2016

Oh wow Andrea they have so many gorgeous pieces, so classic and stylish x

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