Free Printable Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders


Halloween will be here before we know it, ok I am still hoping for one last push of summer before autumn starts rolling in. So in preparation for the festivities of fall and Halloween I have created these Free Printable Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders they are so easy to make on the Cricut, but for those who don’t have a Cricut you can also cut these cuties out by hand.

Trick or treat ideas

Allow me a little creative licence but I have created my own little Pumpkin Town, with pretty pumpkin houses, with the doors decorated with flower boxes and creeping vines, happy pumpkin people and a pumpkin car, cute right? Not only cute but perfect for creating Halloween Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders and party favours. The perfect Halloween treats to have ready for trick or treaters.

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Free printable kinder egg holders for halloween trick or treating

Free Printable Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders

My Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders come as 4 individual files in png and jpg format to allow you to use the PNG as print and cut with a Cricut or Silhouette, or the JPEG to print off and cut out by hand.

If You Want To Use My Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders PNG Files For Cricut Halloween Crafts?

Simply click here or on the image below to get my free Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders PNG/JPEG cut file downloads and I will pop them across to you.

However, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. Here’s how you upload the files to Cricut Design Space

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If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Pumpkin Car PNG

A Few Tips Using My Free Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders PNG Files

I have also included a JPEG incase you want to print off your Pumpkin Kinder Holder PNG by hand, to do this open in word to size your file before printing.

If you’re adding text to your project, either type a message or search in Design Space Images. There are lots of great sayings available. Simply group over the pumpkin then flatten together.

How to size your pumpkin PNG files_

To size your Pumpkin or Ghost use a kinder egg as a guide, I made my Pumpkins roughly 4.5 by 8.5 inches and the ghost 5×8.5, this seemed quite big, however turned out perfectly. If anything the ghost could have been slightly bigger.

Once your Pumpkin Kinder Egg Holders are printed and cut, to add the texture you can use Nuvo Drops, these take about 20 minutes to try but are great for adding detail to projects.

Candy Egg Holder for trick or treating

A Few Useful Tips And Hints For Using Cricut Print And Cut

  • Calibrate your printer before using with you Cricut, this will save so much time and effort.
  • Load your paper the correct way into the printer. Obvious I know, but I have made that mistake many times.
  • Avoid smudging the black guide lines, they are quite wet when they come out of the printer.
  • Load your Pumpkin and Ghost image the correct way into your Cricut as it appears in design space.
Halloween Trick Or Treat Candy Holders

How To Build Your Halloween Pumpkin Holders?

Start by using a ruler to fold each side up, alternatively you could add a score line in design space. You will need to leave a base area for your kinder egg to sit, but this is quite clear.

Add a double sided sticky glue pad to the base and secure your kinder egg. Then use the glue roller to either secure the top of the pumpkin or the sides of the ghost.

How To Make Kinder Egg Holders For Halloween

Tips And Advice For Using Your Halloween Trick Or Treat Candy Holders PNG, Free Download.

Candy Egg Holder For Halloween

Tools And Products I Used

Also please do pop over to Instagram, and give me a follow and if you make a project please do tag me! I love seeing everyone else’s makes and chatting crafting. I could do that all day!

Free printable Pumpkin Kinder Holder PNG, JPG files for print and cut on Cricut and Silhouette

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  1. These are cute. Thank for sharing your files. I also want you to be aware that in one image above you mention getting png and svg’s and in another png and pdf’s, while there’s only png and jpg’s.


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