Free Disney Printable Christmas Cracker Jokes


There is nothing better than making your own Christmas crackers, it’s so rewarding to decorate the Christmas table with your own makes. But of course Christmas crackers need jokes. And being Disney mad, of course you have to have good old Disney jokes. Thus I have scoured the internet and found the cutest family friendly jokes to include in my Free Downloadable Disney Printable Christmas Cracker Jokes PDF which is ready for you to print off and pop into your home made Christmas crackers. I have also snuck a Thor joke in but Marvel is Disney so that’s ok right?

Also, I have included the text version of the jokes below just in case you want to grab them and make your own Christmas cracker Disney joke sheets. Also check out my Mickey Napkin Holders for cute Disney themed Christmas Tables.

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Free Disney Printable Christmas Cracker Jokes

Free Downloadable Disney Christmas Cracker Jokes PDF

The History Of Christmas Crackers

Invented by confectioner Tom Smith, in 1847 after discovering sugared almond bon bons wrapped in twisted paper on a trip to Paris. He started to create the bon bons, also adding mottos and poems to his almonds. However was inspired to add a snap by the cracking of a log in his fire, resulted in the bang we know and love today.

In the 1900s his sons took over the business, and they added the paper hat. Also, in the 1930s the poems and mottos were replaced by jokes in an attempt to update the humble cracker. You can still buy Tom Smiths crackers to this day, and it is also said to be the Queens cracker brand of choice.

Free Disney Cracker Jokes

You Will Need

The jokes are free to download and cut for crackers

How To Get My PDF Printable Christmas Cracker Jokes Template

Simply click here or on the image below to subscribe to get your hands on my Disney jokes all ready to cut up and pop into your Christmas crackers. If the pop up doesn’t appear check you pop up blocker.

Download the files here-2 copy

To Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Check out my Christmas cracker tutorial and template, however dont worry if you haven’t got a Cricut you can cut out the basic shape by hand. And if you use thinner paper such as wrapping paper you will not need to cut out the triangles at each end of the cracker, simply use a ribbon to tie the ends. And keep your eyes peeled for my Mickey Mouse cracker template, I will be posting that very soon.

Downloadable DIY Cracker Template

If You Want To Use The Jokes To Make Your Own Joke Sheets

Here are all the jokes I used if you want a peek to check my Disney Printable Christmas Cracker Jokes are family friendly. Alternatively you may want to copy these and make your own joke sheets.

Q. Why are there no planes where Peter Pan lives? A. Because there is a sign that says, “Never Neverland.”

Q. How did Minnie save Mickey from drowning? A. Mouse to mouse resuscitation.

Q. What do you call a stupid Disney character? A. Dumbo.

Q. What happens when Olaf throws a temper tantrum? A. He has a meltdown.

Q. What is Tarzan’s favourite Christmas Carol? A. Jungle Bells.

Q. Why did Mickey go to outer space? A. To find Pluto.

Q. What does EPCOT stand for? A. Every person comes out tired.

Q. What is Grumpy’s favourite fruit? A. Sour grapes.

Q. What did the Daisy Duck say when she bought lipstick? A. Put it on my bill.

Q. Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? A. Because she will let it go.

Q. What does Ariel like on her toast? A. Mermalade.

Q. What does Mickey use to browse the web? A. An iPad Minnie.

Q. Why was Cinderella bad at Football? A. Because she had a pumpkin for a coach.

Q. Where does Captain Hook go to get his hook replaced? A. The second-hand store!

Q. Who is Thor’s favourite rapper? A. MC Hammer!

Free Downloadable Disney Themed Christmas Cracker Jokes PDF

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