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As our boys are growing up and travel is becoming so much easier we are able to be more courageous with our travel plans. Yes, we want to sit on a beach in a gorgeous resort occasionally who doesn’t? But we also love to have more active adventures. 

Family travel is a huge way of making happy memories, and presenting each part of the journey as an adventure is a huge part of it. When we travelled to Universal and Walt Disney World 2 years ago (I can’t believe it is 2 years!) we flew into Miami airport. I remember friends nodding their heads, saying that would be too much of an epic journey, a long flight and then the 3.5 hour mini road trip with kids to Orlando. But that journey is a huge part of what the boys remember about the trip.

Singing in the rain at Hollywood Studios

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Universal Orlando an incredible family day out

Arriving at Universal Orlando

We did lots of traveling that week and it was wonderful, cruising in our huge American car was such an adventure, so much so we left feeling we would love to do a big American road trip. Maybe we would start out in California and head over to Vegas. Take in part of the route 66?

Around the time we planned to book the flights Jack decided he wasn’t so keen. So we never booked it! But here is the fickle thing about teens, now a year later he thinks it’s a great idea and would be an amazing adventure grrrr. I should have just booked it, ignored his teen strop. But it’s a lot of money to spend and have someone sulking the whole way.

Our Route 66 trip is still very much a plan; I want to do it with both the boys before they leave home. It wouldn’t feel right if Jack missed such an adventure. And to finish in Las Vegas with a little time to chill by the pool at the MGM would be perfect. We loved our last trip to Vegas.

10 Things Kids Will Love In Las Vegas

Life is about adventure, and it’s so important to get out there and find those adventures. It doesn’t always come knocking; sometimes you have to take that leap of faith. 

Last year we did a French Road trip. I have to say I was a little nervous about all the traveling as we planned to cover hundreds and hundreds of miles. 

But it was incredible; we will never forget our little French Road Trip. It felt a little more pressure using our own car. We had to read up on the laws and rules of traveling abroad. Chris covers a lot of miles in his work so ensured that new tyres were fitted on the car and it was fully serviced. We also had to carry an alcohol testing kit and road breakdown signs, things that aren’t requirements in the UK. It is so important to check these things out when driving in a different country. With a little preparation a road trip in your own car is a great adventure.

I will never forget baking macarons , flying through the trees on a zip wire or going on a pony trek in the French countryside in the pouring rain. I fell in love with France we saw the real country. Met the real people and ate in village restaurants not just the tourist parts.

My Sunday Photo, The Beauty of Chateau Ratilly

My Captured Moment, Accrobranche, Parc du Bois de la Folie a

Place Plumereau in Tours, Loire Valley 11

So what next? I am just not sure; there is so much we want to do. With Germany and Route 66 being at the top of the adventure list. And whilst the boys want to keep traveling with us, I will keep searching for adventure.

Never be put off by a road trip. There is something magical about getting in the car and setting off to that next adventure. And I promise you, you will create memories that you will laugh about and recount with fondness forever and a day.


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  1. I love road trips! But we’ve not travelled too far in a car with the children yet, fortunately they are quite good in the car but I’m a bit afraid to risk it! We’d love to revisit as a family the US West Coast trip that my husband and I did a few years ago, like you say with a big car and big roads driving in the US is a lot more pleasant than over here! I’d love to do the Route 66 drive sometime too, it sounds like such an adventure.

    • I think you may be surprised at how easy it will be, I know ours are a little older but they love adventures and if you are well prepared then they have loads to do x


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