Review of the iRobot Roomba 980, Robot Vacuum


For the last couple of weeks I have been carrying out a review of the iRobot Roomba 980 robot vacuum. I have to say I was excited for it to arrive but apprehensive. The iRobot is an investment purchase. And with a price tag just of £899 it has to be great doesn’t it?

However there are more affordable iRobot Roomba robot vacuum options in the range. Thus offering you the choice to go for a lower priced model. But still get many of the benefits of having an iRobot without some of the swankier features such as map-reports, extra power cleaning (essential for pet owners) and the app which I have to say is very useful.

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Review Of The iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

Are Robot Vacuum s Any Good?

Setting Up The iRobot Robot Vacuum Was Quick And Easy.

It came ready charged and once I had connected it to the Wi-Fi, downloaded the app and set the preferences and it was ready to go.

I did what any normal person would do and gave it a name. For some reason Doris came to mind, so our iRobot Roomba now goes by the name of Doris!

Is The iRobot Roomba Pet Friendly?

The first clean was odd, I have never had a self cleaning vacuum before! I followed it around the house like I had to check up on it, or ensure it didn’t eat the dog or one of the kids. Thankfully they are all still here to tell the tale. I can confirm the iRobot Roomba 980 will NOT eat your dog!

Although we do have a very odd dog v robot power struggle going on at the moment. Toby seems to think we have another pet and regards the Roomba as competition. He is displaying classic power struggle tell-tale signs, such as refusing to move when it crosses his path, giving it the death stare and constantly putting his bone in its path.

Will my pet like a robot vacuum and do they pick up pet hairs
The Roomba can adjust between wood floors and rugs seamlessly

The iRobot of course deals with the whole situation with a mature dignity. And just goes about its business of keeping the floors, rugs and carpets of the Christie Family Home looking spotless and dog hair free.

It has no problem collecting dog hairs and having a very hairy dog, this is no mean feat.

What Can I Tell You About The iRobot Roomba 980?

It comes with an app allowing you to program it to clean on a daily schedule, check up on coverage, battery life and the bin indicator.

IRobot Roomba  setting and app view

The iRobot Roomba 980 Can Clean All Floor Types.

It adjusts seamlessly as it moves from a solid floor to a rug. Also having the ability to increase the power to cope with carpets, rugs and doormats. And has tangle free debris extractors.

You can set it to clean once, twice or on automatic clean cycle depending on your floors and family. Having a dog and messy teens means automatic works for us as the Roomba is able to detect where its attention is needed.

Does The Robot Vacuum Get Into Corners?

With a handy edge cleaning option; I have found that this ensures it not only cleans along furniture and skirting boards. But also around chair legs and lamp bases.

The iRobot has multi room navigation. You can set it off and it will clean a whole floor and map its progress.

There is a built-in sensor which means the iRobot will not crash into your furniture, it senses it and moves around it. And is very much the same with pets, Toby will not move for it. I am sure he feels this will show weakness so at times the Roomba 980 has to work around him. It very cleverly does, leaving Toby thinking he is higher in the pecking order than Doris.

Review of the Roomba 980

Will The iRobot Fall Down The Stairs?

Having a sensor also means I can leave it to do a clean upstairs without worrying that it will tumble-down the stairs, it took me a while to trust it, but its fine.

With the 120-minute battery life it can do both floors in one charge! If the iRobot Roomba 980 does get a low battery it will either notify me via the app or take itself back to the charger.

Do You Have To Run Your iRobot Every Day?

No you dont have to. I do as having kids and a dog means more hair and dust. I tend to set it to clean when I am getting ready, doing the rest of the housework or doing something upstairs, I set it to do the whole ground floor whilst it will not be in my way.

Should I Leave My Roomba Plugged In?

Yes its fine to leave it plugged in a on the base all the time, we have left ours plugged in for 2 years and the performance is as good today as it was when it was new. On the occasions we have been away on holiday we have left it on the charging dock and the Robot Vacuum is ready to work and the battery is as fresh as ever.

How Often Do You Replace The Filters On The IRobot?

We change ours once a month as I feel the iRobot is more efficient with clean filters. There are occasions we have gone longer and the Roomba has worked fine. However with pets I like to change regularly.

My Thoughts? Is the iRobot Roomba 980 Worth The Money?

Yes, it is, it saves me so much time. The only thing I have to manually clean are the stairs and sofas. The Roomba 980 does the rest for me and does a blooming amazing job.

I had been concerned it would miss bits; but so far so good, we have had no issues at all apart from the odd canine v robot power struggle. However you know what, to have my floors thoroughly cleaned every day and reduce household dust I can live with that.

My time is much more valuable spent getting on with my work, helping Joe with his homework or hanging out in the kitchen chatting to my family as we rustle up dinner whist Doris gets on with the cleaning. Check out my little vlog below to see how I got on.

Update, The iRobot Roomba 2 Year’s Later, Does It Last?

I honestly could not imagine life without our iRobot, it works as well now as the day it arrived, so yes I stand by my review of the iRobot 980 Roomba, it collects dust as it vacuums making our home less dusty. Its great with pet hair and seems to pick up more than our last vac ever did.

The battery life has not decreased and because the filters are easy to clean it still has the same suction. Its hard to believe I use it every day and can fill the bin with ever vac!

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Review of the iRobot Roomba 980 vacuum, are Robot Vacuums good, pet friendly and are they worth the money?





11 thoughts on “Review of the iRobot Roomba 980, Robot Vacuum”

  1. Toby just cracks me up bless him, he must think that a very strange dog has infiltrated your house. Yes it is definitely an investment at just under £900, but we have had our hoover for 17 years now (ok, it is being held together by sellotape as we are desperate for a new one) but if the irobot lasted that long, then that is good value for money. And if it takes away the oh so boring task of hoovering, then it’s well worth every penny for me x

  2. I saw one of these at my friend’s house a couple of week’s ago, funnily enough. She raves about hers. I can’t believe how expensive they are — that costs more than my first car!! That said, it must be amazing not to have to vaccum yourself. I’ve always had Dysons — which are half the price — but I have to physically DO the work!! I think that it would be worth the money not to have to! Especially with two mucky 5 year olds, and 3 cats creating constant mess!! 😉

    • Ha ha your kittens could ride on it Chloe, he still sulks when Doris is cleaning ha ha ! He’s not frightened at all just irritated by her x

    • Omg I cant believe how amazing it is and that our house is so much less dusty too. I know he is a real monkey with it xx

  3. Oh I need one of these pronto so awesome and so helpful. With hardwood and tiles everywhere and an allergy child it would benefit us all. And messy kiddos hahaha #wrc


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