Easy Frozen Banana Daiquiri


Its nearly cocktail season, well, all year round is cocktail season. But some cocktails just lend themselves to summertime, like this ever so easy and delicious Frozen Banana Daiquiri.

With summer time very much on its way, I have been looking for more exciting cocktail recipes to add to my cocktail menu alongside some of my summer favourites including the frozen Mango Daiquiri. So when 31 Dover sent me a bottle of Hoxton Banana Rum, which is the perfect banana daiquiri recipe banana liqueur, there was no question of me ever making anything other than a frozen banana daiquiri.

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This Caribbean inspired cocktail is so easy to make and a very simple recipe. I thought a lot about whether or not it was too simple. But sometimes you can’t argue with beautiful simplicity can you? And its so quick, I managed to fit the recipe into an instagram clip! I know, you couldn’t pour and spritzer any quicker.

And ever better it’s not full of cream or calories. Well, not the amount you would consume eating a creamy ice lolly anyway, making this fruity cocktail the perfect way to cool down on a hot summers day.  However if you do want to add a little more creaminess to your cocktail you could add a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream for a thicker creamier result.

And it’s made for sunny days chilling in the garden, or entertaining friends at summer BBQs. With a few base ingredients knocking a quick cocktail for visitors need not be very much of an effort at all.

Easy Frozen Banana Daiquiri Recipe

To make 2 frozen banana daiquiri’s you will need;

2 bananas

A double measure of Hoxton Banana Rum

A cup of ice

1 table spoon of ground coconut (optional)

1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream ( If you fancy a treat)

How to make a Banana Daiquiri


Chop the bananas and put into the blender

Add the banana rum and coconut if required

Then top up with ice and blend.

It really is that quick and simple, perfect for a quick summer days cocktail!

All there is to do now is to grab a sun lounger, good book and enjoy the sunshine. Cheers!

I was gifted the banana rum for the purpose of the post, but all thoughts and my love of cocktail recipes is all my own thing!

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