Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves


I have been selflessly testing out Gin for a couple of months now. I am not going to lie; it’s a tough job! But someone has to offer much-needed gin advice when there are so many choices on the market. 

But it wasn’t always this way; there was a time I simply could not face gin. When we are in our twenties we all learn lessons at some stage, don’t we? Well, my lesson was learnt with gin. A self-inflicted incident in 1995 with copious amounts of gin and tonic, a very long staircase and a Chinese meal. Something I try to forget, that shaped my feelings for gin so much that I could not so much as look at a bottle for over 20 years. It was a sequence of events that has taken some getting over.

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So when I decided 21 years later that I loved gin it was a huge surprise. If I am honest it felt a little like fate.

That is if you believe in such things as gin fate. I don’t think I did, but I most certainly do now. Have you ever been to an event with only gin as a refreshment? I hear you mumbling, or even shouting “That is the perfect event.”

For me at the time it wasn’t, visions of my gin history running through my head, but dying of thirst. It was a hot day in London; I had travelled for hours and was thirsty. I decided on one small gin, just to quench my thirst. And wow! I loved it. I fell in love with gin all at once and forgave it for letting me down all those years ago.

From there on with the help of the lovely people from 31 Dover, I started on a lovely journey of gin discovery. 

 I have discovered that I love the more fruity gins, and have been lucky to have not tried any horrors. However, I have also found that I do not like sloe gin. But there are a few gins that shine out from the rest and those are the ones I want to share today. 

I have managed to narrow it down to 7. It’s been tough, I nearly removed one because of the picture, but this post is all about the flavours. These are all gins I love for different reasons and have all earned a place in my gin cabinet.

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

I love the sweetness of Warner Edwards. Who would have thought Rhubarb and Gin would go? But it so does. It is refreshing and sweet. Perfect for post-dinner drinks on hot sunny afternoons.

My Weekly Round Up,Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves

 Tanqueray Gin 

Is more citrus in favour than berries. But fresh and light And goes down a little too easy, the perfect bottle to always have in just in case. And at around £18 a bottle, I have tried the most reasonably priced gin so far. Yet you would never know that, as the cost does not reflect the quality.

My Weekly Round Up, And Relax,Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves

 Cotswolds Distillery Dry Gin

Has a really strong but smooth taste of lemons and grapefruit. Cotswolds Distillery dry gin reminds me of a spring day, the gin you would drink when you want to feel energised. It has a wonderful kick that I just can’t describe.

My Weekly Round Up And Fog And YouTube,Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves

Brockmans Gin

This has such a different taste. Brockmans promise their gin tastes like no other and oh my, they are so right. The list of botanicals is surprising; it is bursting with fruit but it’s not a fruit drink. And also had additional flavours such as almonds and liquorice. If I had to describe it; I would say every sip is like a fruit explosion it is divine. If you love gin you have to try this.

My Weekly Round Up, Relief,Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves

Rock Rose Original Scottish Gin.

Rock Rose is a very special gin. It is almost lemony in flavour yet dry; it is so smooth and tasty.

My Weekly Round Up, Planning,Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves

The Autumn Edition of Rock Rose

It differs from the original as the flavour is more berry-infused than citrus; it is oh-so-good. Very easy to drink, and very light and smooth.

My Weekly Round Up And Growing Up,Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves


And lastly my first gin in over 20 years; Silent Pool

It is light and fresh almost dainty in taste; I had to look up what makes up this gorgeous light taste and was so surprised to find it was lavender, chamomile, citrus, and honey. This is different from all the gins I have tried so far; it is nowhere near as fruity but fresh. I love it. And check out that bottle, omg it is a work of art.

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

This was a post I never thought I would write. It just goes to show; never say never. Of course, this is only the start of my gin journey; there are so many to try. And I can’t wait to share more of my gin faves with you soon. But for now, out of all the gins I have tried those are my absolute faves and all worth the investment. Happy testing!

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2 thoughts on “Discovering Gin, And My Current Gin Faves”

  1. Your gin story reminds me of my vodka story, but to this day I still can’t touch the stuff. I discovered gin 6 years ago when my mum gave me a glass. From that day I was hooked, and now only drink gin at home and when I go out. Trouble is I really need to discover more gins as I tend to stick to the same ones. I shall have to try some of the ones you have been mentioning over the past few months x

    • Tracey I cant believe because of that I was late to the gin party because of it, the ones on this list are all amazing x


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