Creating Light In The Garden With Iconic Lighting


Living in the sticks has its downfalls

Such as having no bus service, mains gas or even pavement and street lights. Making walking the dog impossible on winter evenings. Having no streetlights and hardly any neighbour’s also means no light pollution. On a winter’s evening when you stoke the fire up and are all snuggled inside it is like being in a cocoon.

Our front aspect is a beautiful display of the twinkling lights the town in the distance. However oddly, if you stand outside you literally can’t see a foot in front of you. It is so dark. This in some ways feels cozy. But also sad, especially when you consider the work that goes into maintaining a garden all year round.  We get to this time of year and you simply cant see it.

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The rear aspect of our home is pitch black, and the garden literally disappears for half the year. Only to be seen in the tiny window of daylight hours.

Creating Light In The Garden With Iconic Lighting

Creating Light In The Garden With Iconic Lighting

This year we decided to resolve that problem by fitting Garden Lights

Not only to light up the winters evenings but to extend our garden time in the summer. However summer was not kind to us this year was it? And the lights sat sad and unused amongst rain and drizzle, by the time it was dark we had given up and were ready to retire and the garden went almost a whole summer being unused.

I was determined these low energy led lights from Iconic Lighting would have more use in the winter months.  Creating a little warmth and glow and giving us some much need light pollution in the winter months. They are also a godsend for finding dogs that like to hide at the depths of the garden, stalking the neighbor’s chickens. You will no longer find me skulking up the garden in my wellies with a torch trying to find said dog. Who seems to think he is a fox!

We felt the lights worked so well that we have also installed them in the front garden to light up our drive. As they are low energy, they don’t send my energy obsessed hubby into a frenzy and can be left on for many hours. Creating light around our little house. And actually looking out over our slightly glowing garden feels so much cosier and comforting than darkness. And I am 100% positive that the chickens just love them, no more stressing about fox/dogs creeping up on them in darkness.

Creating Light In The Garden With Iconic Lighting


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