Creating A Home Office When You Have Limited Space


I have recently created a new home office space after months of backwards and forwards. We are moving, we are not moving. Literally going around in circles trying to decide. Dealing with a stream of house viewing tourists wasting our time, which when you love your house is so blooming frustrating.

Especially when all we needed was a little more space for a home office and maybe an extra room.

So we have decided we are staying with the rolling hills and silence. All my friends keep telling me I will hate having lots of neighbours and they are right. There is a lot to be said for living backing on to sheep and a cockerel. That’s about as rock n roll as it gets up here, I kid you not? And creating a home office when you have limited space just takes a little imagination.Which had me on the hunt for creative office space ideas.

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Creating a home office with Wayfair

Retro desk from wayfair

So there are exciting things ahead to make a little more room for the crazy Christie’s. But until then I have started to think a little smarter about storage. I am in the middle of a project to create a craft cupboard for my ever-growing craft supplies. 

But I also wanted more of an office space rather than using my vintage desk restoration in the lounge. I needed somewhere I could fit a full size Mac to save my ever aching neck. Then I saw this ever so gorgeous Daswaney retro desk online at Wayfair. Perfect for creating an office space in my hallway.

Somewhere I could work throughout the day, separating myself from the living space in our home. That would also be great place for the boys to do homework without interruption. 

Retro desk for home office

Home office ideas for small space

Our hall is spacious and over the years I have tried to make it work and a sitting area, but it just never quite worked. However not having the space for a dedicated office inspired me to think about where a home office could work in our home. 

With a bit of planning and choosing a desk that fit into my decor.  And the addition of some stylish accessories I have created a usable but ever so stylish space in our home. 

Here is how I created the perfect home office with the limited space he have.

Look around your home and identify any wasted space, areas you can convert to a home office. Think out of the box and be a little creative. In corners or cupboards, I kid you not there are some  great home office ideas on Pinterest.

Measure the space you have. 

When searching my home study ideas I knew I wanted the desk to sit on a certain wall under my picture gallery. There were several compact desks I loved but the Daswaney desk was the perfect size and depth. Depth is so important when styling a living area. The desk had to be deep enough to fit my Mac on and give me some clearance space. But not to deep that it would dominate the area. 

Home office in a small space

Home office ideas for small space

Make the desk flow with the room. 

I had previously created a gallery wall that I was considering changing. However it fits perfectly with my retro desk. It has created a stylish work area that looks great, rather than just an ugly functional office space. 

How to style your desk to incorporate into the space so it flows.

Because the hallway is an integral part of our home, function in disguise as style was always the focus. And I feel that we achieved this but using a cool lamp and accessories and incorporating greenery with succulents. 

I used these metallic Reatha pots from Ivyline at Wayfair but by far my biggest success was transforming these Geometric Metal Lanterns  into succulent pots. 

Styling my desk with Ivy Line

How to create unique planters for succulents with a hurricane vase?

By glueing the glass into the gold frame and using fish tank gravel from the pet store I was able to create varying heights with the succulents. The gold frames create an airy but cool look I am thrilled with. 

Turning a hurricane vase into a cactus pot

Ivyline hurricane glass turned into a suculent display

Don’t Clutter Your Desk 

Choose a desk with storage drawers so you can keep it clear of clutter. Thus keeping the desk looking stylish and well-integrated when you are not working.

I love my new space, it fits so well with our overall style. But is a great space to work, I feel I am more productive now I can shut off the living areas. But it also looks great, we have had so many compliments since we have made the change, the hallway actually bigger. And to think we were thinking of moving? We have several more changes to make but we now realise that thinking a little more creatively is the way forwards rather than a panic move that would have no doubt brought on a whole new heap of issues.

This post is an advertising feature as all products were gifted. However I was able to choose myself, as such all opinions and photos are my own. 


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