Creating A Daylight Filled And Airy Bathroom Loft Conversion With VELUX Roof Windows


This is the year of home renovations in the Christie household.

Not only are we planning a kitchen renovation but we are also going to redesign our bathroom loft conversion.

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Our bathroom in the loft conversion was poorly designed from day one as it didn’t make good use of the daylight or indeed the floor space.

We are still working through our ideas and plans, however after living with a badly designed bathroom for many years I have done my research. The aim is to create a Scandi-inspired bathroom, which is not only functional but also super stylish, light and airy. I have spent hours trawling over loft conversion bathroom ideas looking for ways to maximise the space and have picked up some good tips along the way.

Make The Most Of Any Light You Have


The key is knowing how to make your home brighter, and the best way to add daylight into a loft bathroom is by adding one or two VELUX roof windows. This will enable you to bring plenty of daylight and fresh air into the room, making it the perfect place to chill out after a long day at work. Who doesn’t love a hot bubble bath in the dark with only the stars to light up a room? Or indeed to prepare for your day ahead, have you ever tried putting on makeup with no natural light?

One thing I have found lately is that connecting the outside to the inside through daylight is key. I mentioned in my weekly round up how working in a room without daylight was really starting to
affect my mood. This has been at the forefront of my mind when doing my loft bathroom research.

Use Tiles To Reflect The Light From A VELUX Roof Window


Really think about the wall tiles you use in a loft bathroom, a sloping roof can have an effect on how daylight reflects in the room. Having a VELUX roof window will have a huge impact on the space, bringing in more daylight can create the illusion of more space. Using glass tiles or light- reflective tiles will bounce that natural light around the room making a loft bathroom feel light and airy.



Loft Bathroom Ideas To Create Space And Light

And Divert The Light In Loft Bathrooms With A Mirror


Having spent time researching ideas on how to achieve the look and feel of maximum light, a great tip is to use a cleverly placed mirror to bounce daylight around the room. Creating a prism effect with light makes a vast difference to rooms with a sloping roof.

Is A Shower Or Bath Better In A Loft Bathroom?


It totally depends on roof space. In our bathroom there is only one practical area to fit a bath or shower, and it’s not high enough for an over-bath shower — it’s one or the other. Fortunately we do have another bathroom with a bath, so we have made the decision to opt for a walk in shower.

Whichever you go for, ensure you measure correctly and don’t go for an oversized bath that will make the space appear smaller. 3/4 sized baths are a great option for creating space. And go for a seamless shower door to create a feeling of light and space.


Is A Shower Or Bath Better In A Loft Bathroom?

Clever Storage Ideas For Loft Bathrooms


The logical place for storage is on the largest, highest wall in your bathroom. However using storage cabinets in front of the eaves spaces will not only give you lots of storage, but will also free up areas to give a more spacious feel. Opt for a slimline basin unit so that available space is not overwhelmed by large furniture.

Make A Feature Of The Flooring This Is The Biggest Space In The Room Make It Stand Out


Keep the floor a lighter colour to create a feeling of space. A lighter floor creates a feeling of spaciousness and will also reflect light rather than absorb it. Patterned tiles can create a beautiful design effect, however keep the pattern light to maintain a feeling of light and space with a design edge.

VELUX Roof Windows are not only made for bathrooms


There are so many ways VELUX roof windows can be incorporated into single-storey extensions to make every room lighter and brighter, and even appear more spacious. Creating space is not only about physical size it is also about distributing daylight correctly, and what better light to work with than natural light?

Natural light is proven to be critical for our health and wellbeing and some friends of mine have also been looking at how to incorporate daylight into their homes. Here are some of their inspirational hints and tips on how to make your home feel brighter and lighter.

Planning A VELUX Roof Window


Clare from Maybush Studio shares the beginning of her journey to brighten her daughter’s bedroom by adding two VELUX roof windows. She demonstrates here that it’s all in the planning and detail.

Draw the outline of your VELUX roof window where you want it to go and live with it for a while. See if having a roof window in a certain space will impact on daily life. Consider where the sun rises and sets, and at what time of day you get daylight through the window. If it is a room you mainly use in the afternoon you can set your roof windows in a way that allows you to make the most of the daylight. Or maybe the outside view is a factor and it’s all about maximising a gorgeous view.


How to plan a VELUX roof window

Maximise Light With Multiple Windows


Gill from Baby On Board has chosen multiple VELUX roof windows to really maximise the light in her open plan office space. If you have the facilities to do so this is a great way of adding daylight and space that reaches every corner of a room. Check out her post for tips on planning your own loft conversion.


How to add a roof playroom and create light


Emma from Mummy..Mummy..MUM!! has made super use of her wasted loft space and created a chill out toy room in a space which would ordinarily have been eaves storage. Maximising spaces like this are key to using your home to its full potential. This is something I have been doing a lot lately. Looking at different ways to use space in my home has made really fall back in love with it.

Creating extra light in a dark single story extraction with VELUX roof windows


Tips On How To Style A Loft Bathroom


Laura from Side Street Style has been sharing how a VELUX roof window can transform a small loft bathroom into a space full of natural daylight, making it feel spacious, calm and the perfect place to relax at the end of the day. Check out her Pinterest board for inspiration on how to make a loft bathroom look lighter and brighter.


Choosing a VELUX for a bathroom

Adding Light To Dark Kitchens With VELUX Roof Windows


One of our current home renovation plans is focused around creating a kitchen with lots of light. The kitchen is the hub of any family home and having an inviting light and bright space is so important. My aim is to have somewhere the whole family want to hang out all the time. We are definitely kitchen dwellers in the Christie household.

Chrissy from Organise My House has achieved this by positioning her VELUX roof windows around her kitchen. This is a great way to get the light coming into a room from all angles, which has a huge impact on how airy a rooms feels.


Adding light to a kitchen Extension with VELUX roof window

Whereas Jenni from Chilling with Lucas talks about how VELUX roof windows create a bright and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen and has gone for overhead light for maximum impact. This works so well if you want to go for darker kitchen cabinets in your kitchen design. Yet still have a feeling of daylight and space.

Creating light in a dark kitchen with VELUX Roof windows

Becky from A Beautiful Space has a top tip to create daylight from all angles. Even if you have a huge patio door that lets in light, adding overhead VELUX roof windows can bring in twice as much daylight as vertical windows of the same size. It adds a lighter and brighter vibe to a kitchen and changes the whole mood of a home.

How to add light to a kitchen with a Kitchen roof window


And last but by no means least Catherine from a Growing Family added these VELUX Roof Windows to an open plan kitchen living area with spectacular results that are flooded with natural light. This is the perfect way to make a space feel spacious, light and super modern.


How A VELUX roof window can add light and space to a room

So those are my plans, and a few great hints and tips from some friends too. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories for updates once the work begins, and roll on October when hopefully all the renovations will be complete and life will be calm again. And check out BritMums’ Pinterest board for a little more inspiration.

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Bathroom Loft Conversions and tips to create light and space in a loft bathroom With VELUX Roof Windows


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  1. We’ve used VELUX roof windows in our loft bathroom and it’s made a very small room feel much bigger than it really is. I think you’re right to aim for a light floor, we went dark and I don’t think I’d do it that way with hindsight!

  2. These are great ideas. I love the idea of having a bath in a loft conversion. Can’t think of anything more relaxing than a soak whilst looking up at the stars


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