Creating A Crafting Cupboard In A Small Space


I have wanted a crafting space for sooooo long. We have been toying with moving house to create a bit of extra space but the truth is; our home may be on the small side, but we love where it is and it’s quirkiness. So recently I have been trying to think out of the box and make our little house work for us. Looking at clever storage ideas that work in the home and make smart use of space. One of the projects I have been working on recently is;

Creating an arts and crafts storage area on a budget. 

It came to me one night whilst I was trying to get to sleep, this seems to be how all my best ideas come. You know when you are trying to clear your mind, yet are pondering over storage for crafts. My craft box was bursting at the seams, and it seemed like such an effort to drag it all out. So I knew I needed to find a craft storage solution.

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And there is was, the cupboard at the bottom of the stairs packed full of DVDs. Yet we don’t even have a player anymore! And also, the boys are way past Mr Maker and Peppa Pig! So I called a family conference, we went through said DVDs and all chose the ones we could not part with to be stored away. Let it be said that the Christie boys were much more sentimental than me! Anyhow the rest went off to the local Woman’s Refuge to be enjoyed by small people all over again.

Pegboard craft cupboard

Ways to store Washi tape

Making a craft storage cupboard with limited space is all about vision.

Two shelves in a cupboard at the bottom of the stairs may not seem much. And yes I could get some craft wall storage and stack it all in an unimaginative way. But will that make me happy? Will I be able to find what I need, which in turn results in the same issue I have now and an unwillingness to sift through craft supplies, so I craft less. 

I spent some time researching craft storage ideas for a cupboard.

Looking for a pegboard organisation ideas to create a crafting space that makes me happy. And I didn’t want to spend a fortune on my cupboard, because unlike my gin bar I am not sharing this space with ANYONE. So I decided a DIY pegboard would be in order. Also because the space is made up of squares my pegboard would need to be custom cut. After spending some time googling how to cut pegboard  I discovered some other nifty tricks to create an arts and craft organiser of my tiny cupboard storage dreams. Because let’s face it, if I had more space I would have a whole crafting room. 

craft cupboard ideas

Craft Cupboard Ideas

Cricut Tool Cupboard

How to create affordable cupboard with a pegboard for craft supplies

Measure out the required size for the pegboard, I was able to buy one long piece of board to cut to fit 3 sections. 

I bought basic white pegboard from amazon, the quality is fine for such projects but not something I would have out on display. And with the help of the Dremel Mini Saw I was able to measure and cut the pegboard to size easily. 

How to Cut Peg Board

Before fitting the pegboard attach wooden batons to the wall edges to create a frame and fix the pegboard onto the batons. This gives you a little clearance should you want to hang or hook onto your boards.

For my pegboard accessories I chose a small wire hanging basket, which is perfect for storing pens and glitter. These can be picked up cheaply from budget home stores such a home bargains. 

I used a BBQ skewer covered in washi tape and hung it on hooks to hang my rolls of tape onto. Tip, if your hooks are not wide enough for the pegboard holes wrap a bit of washi tape around them to make them a snug secure fit. 

The pegs were made out of wooden dowels from B&Q they did not come in a correct size to fit the peg board holes. However I was able to use the Dremel sander attachment to sand down the pegs to fit. Ok I might have painted them pink too, but it really wasn’t needed. I just wanted pink and why ever not, it makes me smile.

Using the Dremel Multi tool to make a craft cupboard

Create a craft cupboard

Attach a pin cushion for pins, it’s safer than keeping them in a tub.

A letter organiser is the perfect size to store card stock and scraps. To store my vinyl I used a plastic carrier bag holder from IKEA, who would have through such a dull product could have such an amazing use?

Vinyl storage ideas

And to throw a little light on the subject I picked up 2 battery led stick-on lights from Primark. 

I am thrilled with my little crafting space, the fact that it’s all organised makes it so much easier for spur of the moment crafting projects. It just goes to show that being creative with small spaces can make such a difference. And anyone can have a crafting space. 

I was gifted the Dremel Multi Tool to use for the project but all opinions and images are my own and it is such a handy little tool for crafting and diy projects.

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How to create a craft cupboard with pegboard and a dremmel multi tool


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  1. Love this idea Sarah, you’re so good at making perfect little spaces fit your needs 🙂 I think i’ll Definitely have a go at this. Just need to find some space! Love all your crafty supplies too!xxx


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