Cool Shades, And Protecting My Eyes With Shade Station


I recently shared how having a teenager has affected my confidence.

Because lets face it what teen thinks their Mum is cool? I have been so touched at the support and lovely messages I have received. It seems many mums with teens have the same issue. Anyhow it has made me more determined to claim back my cool. Be more adventurous with my wardrobe and not worry so much.

A great place to start is accessories. Sunglasses are much more than an accessory they are also a necessity. I know so many people get to this time of year and ditch the glasses. Because it is winter right, you don’t need them? Wrong! This is a lesson I learnt very early on in my career. And it is a warning I am so thankful for.

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I remember years ago at one of my previous colleges, I worked with a beauty lecturer that was probably in her late 50s yet looked so young. One day I was walking between sites, it was a dull but bright day. We had stopped for a quick chat, and she gave me quite a telling off (In a nice way) She told me sunglasses were key to anti-ageing, and that your should always wear them in bright conditions. Obvious really!


Yes, you need to protect your eyes from sunlight.

But have you ever noticed that it doesn’t need to be sunny to cause you squint? And it’s the squinting action that can weaken the muscles and elastin fibres around the eyes. Thus causing fine lines and wrinkles.

It has also been estimated that 20% of Cataracts are caused by extended UV exposure. Quite scary really, when something as simple as wearing sunglasses can help reduce the risk.

But let’s be honest, yes there are clearly health benefits to wearing sunglasses, but they are also oh so cool. I may have a little sunglasses addiction. And of course when it is backed up with medical evidence that I need them, who am I to argue.

Cool Shades, And Protecting My Eyes With Shade Station

Last week these gorgeous Bvlgari sunglasses arrived, and wow I love them. The great thing about getting the right eye wear is not only do sunglasses protect your eyes. But they are super stylish and a great way to reflect you personality. They also hide a multitude of sins. Whether it is doing the school run with no make-up, or hiding puffy eyes after a sleepless night. If the light is bright, whether I am walking the dog, shopping or on the school run I will protect my eyes.

Shade Station offers quality sunglasses to suit all styles, face shapes and budgets. Starting at £22.05, the key is eye protection. But if you are like me, you may just get a little giddy. Because once I set eyes on the gorgeous Bvlgari designer sunglasses I could not un-see them. And lets face it; we spend our life running around after others. We deserve a treat.

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