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Preparing A Dinner Party On A Budget With Shloer

Recently I took part in the most exciting project! Preparing a dinner party with Shloer and the lovely Candice Brown. 

You know one of those projects that is ages in the planning and all a secret. A huge secret that you want to tell all of your friends because it is all so very exciting and it felt like forever. I am a wear my heart on my sleeve kinda gal. So this was torture. But part of my secret mission was preparing a dinner party on a budget with Shloer.

In fact a whole team from Shloer including the lovely Candice Brown was coming to my house give me tips and advice on creating an awesome dinner party and it was a SECRET. Oh and it was being filmed arghhhhh ! sooooooo exciting!

One of the wonderful things about blogging is that I got to share wonderful experiences like this with Chris and some of our lovely friends. And I think they were all as excited as me.

Then was the big decision, what to wear? I might have changed my mind 20 times! Not like me at all. Usually I just pick and go, I think I had 5 options on standby in the end. Which turned out to be a godsend when some of the tops I had chosen sounded crinkly on the microphone. Who even knew that was thing?


The crew on the Shloer video shot

Shloer video shoot

The Film crew on the day filming with Shloer

The premise of the evening was preparing a posh for pennies dinner party

With the lovely people from Shloer and Candice offering tips and advice of how to prepare a simple cost-effective dinner party that was not only delicious but looked ever so stylish too. Suggesting lots of inspirational and crafty but beautifully simple decoration ideas to impress my guests.

Shloer suggested so many wonderful ways of personalising a dinner party. And as in infinite host, who loves nothing more than catering for a houseful of friends and family; I take every opportunity I can to get advice from the experts. Is it just me that loves cooking lessons? And this was like a whole day of getting amazing hints and tips. I was in my element.

cooking on the new Belling Range oven

Cooking pork on the Belling induction hob

Cooking chocolate peanut butter brownies with Candice Brown

It’s the little touches and a little thought that can make a dinner party extra special? One of my favourite tips was using baby pictures of your guests as place cards and corks as holders. Oh and making ice cubes with flowers, this really set the Shloer off when displayed in huge ice buckets and made something quite simple look like and elegant centrepiece.

I could go on, there were so many amazing tips and easy recipes. Like Candice’s soda bread, which was so so, easy to make and the peanut butter chocolate brownie recipe YUM.

Table Decorations on a budget using upturned glasses

Shloer Bubbly Served On Ice

Shloer cooled in floral ice cubes

Floral Ice Cubes

Denby Studio Craft Bowls

Easy home made Horderves on a budget

Posh For Pennies Dinner Party

Putting the love, time and effort into an event gives it a real personal touch.

And as our house filled with crew and everybody buzzed around preparing and rigging up I knew this was going to be a dinner party I would never forget.

After a day of preparation our guests arrived to an organised calm house, all the chaos and excitement of the day set aside allowing us to relax over a glass of sparkling Shloer and toast to friendship as we nibbled on home prepared crostini and compared baby photos.

The meal was a triumph thanks to the help of a few new friends my guests feasted on a meal of broccoli and Stilton soup served with soda bread. A main meal of pan-fried pork all finished off with peanut butter brownies and ice cream. And washed down with Shloer cocktails.

What surprised me was how simple the menu was to prepare, yet once served up it looked like I had been slaving over the oven all day, or spent a small fortune on caterers. It has certainly made me think about making the little things like crostini’s and soda bread myself in the future they taste sooooo much better. The team from Shloer offered some wonderful tips on keeping it all home-made, tasty and authentic.

I can’t wait to share all of the tips, tricks and recipes I picked up during the day but here is a little taster from my wonderful Posh For Pennies Dinner Party With Shloer. And keep your eyes peeled for the recipes and tips we filmed during the day I will be sharing them soon. But in the meantime pop over the Shloers Facebook page for more top hosting tips. And check the video for a little taster of the day.

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Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

Oh my goodness what an exciting project and like you I love to host and add all the little extras to make it memorable. It always ends up being so expensive though so doesn't happen often. Flowers in ice! Wow. That dessert looks so good x


Monday 2nd of October 2017

Wow, what a fantastic experience! I'm not surprised you were desperate to spill the beans, so to speak. I love having people over, though my dinner parties tend to be a little less formal and more 'rustic' (!) Always love finding out tips and recipes for hosting and would never have thought of flowers in ice - it looks so pretty xx

Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker

Sunday 1st of October 2017

I LOVE hosting people at our house (despite being an introvert - I need a few days to recover afterwards!) but my husband isn't so keen. It looks like you had a lot of fun!


Sunday 1st of October 2017

Wow! What a cool opportunity!!! Those brownies look incredible too. My husband and son are peanut butter fanatics, so they'd be all over these xx

Tracey Williams

Thursday 28th of September 2017

What a wonderful opportunity Sarah, and love that you got to share it with Chris and your friends too. Brilliant work Sarah x

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