Cinderella Presented By The English National Ballet.


Last night I spent a spellbinding couple of hours watching Cinderella, The English National Ballet presented this stunning representation of a much loved fairy tale that had the whole audience captivated.

I have loved classical music for as long as I can remember. My love of music extends to all genres. However as soon as I had my first car I was tuning into Classic Fm or Radio 4. There it something so calming about listening to an orchestra weave their magic.

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Combine that with a visual feast such as the ballet, and it’s very easy to become drawn into a magical world. A world where your only thoughts are what’s going on in front of you at that moment in time.

In todays fast paced chaotic life, escapism such as this is a welcome change. Is it just me that never stops running lists over my mind? That constant stream of ideas, plans and appointments that seem to want constant attention.

Cinderella The English National Ballet.

Review, Cinderella The English National Ballet.

The all new Cinderella created by Christopher Wheeldon and performed by the English National Ballet is breathtaking.

Starting on a very dark note as Cinderella’s mother falls ill and dies. You feel the emotions of growing up with loss, and also despair when Cinderella (Erina Takahashi) meets her fathers new wife. He is drawn into his new life, yet somehow misses how cruelly his true daughter is being treated.

It’s refreshing to see a young Prince Guillaume ( Joseph Caley) as he grows from a child, in a parallel but very different life to Cinderella. And how their love develops when he visits the family home parading as the Prince’s friend, as her sisters fawn over Benjamin (Jeffrey Cirio) thinking he is the Prince.

Erina Takahashi and Joseph Caley in English National Ballet's Cinderella (c) Laurent Liotardo (5)

Christopher Wheeldon’s Adaptation Of Cinderella The English National Ballet.

Not only does Christoper Wheeldon spend more time pondering over the prince’s personality and upbringing. He is also kinder to the sisters, thus making one sister mean spirited, but not ugly. Meanwhile the other sister is kind and sweet, yet lead by her mean mother and sister. However her true heart does shine through.

Maintaining a mix of the of the tale we know and love and the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella there are changes as the two versions entwine.

A spirt tree and four extraordinary fates replace the fairy godmother.

Thus creating a wonderful scene as the tree and fates conjour nature and the seasons. Who in turn weave magic to bring Cinderella to the ball. The scene as Cinderella is transformed in her costume and escorted to the ball is breathtaking.

Cinderella The English National Ballet.

Everyone Should Experience The Ballet

The Ballet is an immersive experience, which draws you into to the world on the stage. Where your senses and emotions are engaged in such a way you forget for what’s going on in the world.

Cinderella with its stunning performances, breathtaking scenery, score and costumes has you not knowing where to look. Giving you the opportunity to put life on hold for a couple of hours and live in that magical fantasy bubble. If that is not good for wellbeing, then I really don’t know what is? Its truly magical.

To Celebrate The English National Ballets’s 70th Anniversary

The company are celebrating by thanking its touring communities by giving away 70 tickets during each run of performances in every city they tour to.

During their performances in Manchester the ballet company have gifted tickets to staff from local charities and organisations. Including Talbot House, Mustard Tree, Frost Foundation, Lifeshare and Teenage Cancer Trust/Christie Hospital.

The English National Ballet will also give a ‘Golden Ticket’ for a special English National Ballet experience or piece of merchandise. Gifted to one audience member per performance in Manchester.

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Cinderella is showing at the Palace Theatre until Saturday 18th October, tickets go from £13.90 be quick to catch it.

My tickets were a gift in return for an honest review. However you cant argue with the beauty of The Ballet and its power to draw you in and wrap you in a magical world.


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