Christmas Present Ideas For Mums


And yay the big event is nearly here. Well, it certainly feels that way doesn’t it? Everyone is asking for Christmas lists, dropping present hints and shopping like mad so they are all prepared for the big day. 

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But what about us Mums, what do we want for Christmas? We always leave our lists to last don’t we? 

I have thought long and hard about this. Because I have expensive taste, I know exactly what I like and could give a long list at any given moment in time of luxury items I would love Santa to bring me on Christmas day. 

But that was when Chris was holding the present budget and bankrolling the boys Christmas gifts. What happens when they are teenagers? When they have car insurance and nightclubs to fund. Yes, you read that right, accepting our beloved angels want to grace dance floors of nightclubs is a bitter pill to swallow.

When they are at this age a Christmas list takes a lot of thinking about. Jack works hard, but is also finding his place in the world, standing on his own two feet for the first time in his life. (Well almost, we will forget the cooked meals, packed lunches, washing and ironing) 

So creating a Christmas Gift For Mum list, one that is affordable but also filled with items I would love feels like the way forward.

With that in mind each item has been thought out, every product on this list has had to earn its place as something I would love as a gift or stocking filler.

I mean there is an obvious for Dad list, if Chris was funding the boys shopping, such as tickets for the theatre or a ballet. (Maybe Chris if you are reading, Phantom of the Opera Ticket’s? But as I have been dropping that hint for over 10 years I won’t hold my breath. I kid you not! 10 long years and still no tickets.) A gin subscription or a swanky new Osprey handbag and Jo Malone is always a winner, see I told you! I could go on forever. 

 However I have also created this guide of affordable but beautiful gifts many mums would be thrilled to receive from our not so little angles. Check it out,  hover over the images for more info and happy shopping. 

But if Dad is paying, these will also fit on to the stocking filler ideas for Mum list. 

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