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Christmas Markets have become all the rage in the UK. And with so many cities hosting wonderful festive Christmas markets, many of those are German markets promising all the atmosphere and festivities you would expect from a real Christmas Market In Germany?

I have been happy with UK Christmas Markets; it’s wonderful to nip to a Christmas market on a Saturday. Enjoy mulled wine and festive music. They are wonderful, but they are all missing one thing. They are not in Germany. Yes, that may be stating the blatantly obvious. But it’s easy to be fooled into thinking it is the real deal.

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Whilst they are wonderful, you do need to experience a real, authentic Christmas Market in Germany at least once. Although you will want to return once you do, Christmas Vacations in Europe offer a new level of festivities.

Whilst in Stuttgart I visited 3 Christmas Markets In Different German Towns Around The Region.

All beautiful and unique in differing ways that left me feeling that unless you have visited a Christmas Market in Germany then you really haven’t experienced the real deal.

Stuttgart is only just over an hour away

And with Eurowings  offering flights out of Stansted and Heathrow for as little as Β£24.99 there really is no reason not to visit. The region has blown me away; I can’t believe we have not visited before, there is much for families to do all year round.

I was so lucky to have some wonderful experiences in this truly beautiful region and I can’t wait to share them all, however today I want to share why you should hop on a plane to Stuttgart and see the real German Christmas Markets.

Stuttgart Christmas Markets In Germany

Located in the city center and a couple of minute walk from the train station Stuttgart Christmas Market is a huge buzzing market. The wonderful thing about the Stuttgart Christmas Market is that shops and boutiques surround it. Making it the ideal place to do all of your festive shopping.

And the perfect post-shopping place to chill with a delicious festive cookie and gluhwein. The food is a major feature of all the Christmas Markets, with stalls offering fruit kebabs dipped in chocolate, chocolate slabs, pork rolls, potatoes I could go on. German street food really is quite delicious and worth traveling for.

Stuttgart Christmas Market also hosts a large ice rink; I just wish it had snowed during our visit. Ice-skating in the snow is the stuff off dreams.

Lights in a festive Market
Shopping on the Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany
 Markets In Stuttgart, Germany
Tips for visiting the Christmas Markets In Stuttgart,

Historical Christmas Markets In Germany, Ludwigsburg Baroque

I can’t wait to share more about my list the Ludwigsburg palace, it is breathtaking and a must place to visit. The market set in the town square under the most beautiful church, which is lit up with thousands of twinkling lights and spectacular giant angels that feel as though they are looking over you. It really is a beautiful sight and with 120 stalls there is so much to see.

The gingerbread at Ludwigsburg traditionally comes fresh from the oven. Can you imagine the delicious smell coupled with sweet gluhwein, as you wander amongst the sparkling stalls?

Ludwigsburg is a beautiful town with so much to see. And is very easy to get around as it is built on a grid system. All streets are parallel, apart from the street leading back to the train station, which is diagonal making it very difficult to get lost.

Ludwigsburg Christmas Market ,
Festivities In Stuttgart
The town square at Ludwigsberg Stuttgart
 Christmas Markets In Germany

Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

Medieval Christmas Markets In Germany, Esslingen Christmas Market

All the markets are fabulous but Esslingen captured my heart in a way I never thought possible. I am not sure if it was the historic feel of the village that is a perfect Dinseyesque version of Germany, with is medieval buildings of different shapes and pastel colours.  

When Disney represents Germany it must be based on Esslingen. I felt like I was visiting a storybook from my childhood. The sort of place that gives you a warm feeling inside and makes you want to stay forever. Esslingen is breathtakingly beautiful and I fell head over heels in love with it.

Esslingen Features A Christmas And Medieval Christmas Market.

The Christmas market boasts over 120 stalls and no two stalls are the same. Every stall sells something different, which leaves you wanting to browse at a slow pace to take in every single molecule of festive joy.

The Medieval Market portrays life as it was 100s of years ago, Dressed in historic costume and offering stalls such as candle makers, rope and basket makers. There are street performers, and a doctor, which even though I can’t speak a word of German spent ages watching a laughing along. You can even have a bath at the market, just like in the old days. And to keep the market authentic, at night the market is lit by candlelight and oil lamp. Which has left me desperate to visit in the evening.

Esslingen Medieval Market

Esslingen medieval Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

Esslingen Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

Medieval Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

Tips for visiting Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

The best Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

Those are my 3 wonderful and very different reasons to visit Stuttgart Christmas Markets In Germany.

But you need a plan, either 3 days an a market a day. Or a fleeting trip and a market a year, they are all beautiful for different reasons. Which is why if you have a Christmas Market wish list then these gems deserve a place.

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 I visited 3 Christmas Markets in towns around Stuttgart. Unless you have visited a Christmas Market in Germany you really haven't experienced the real deal.


34 thoughts on “Stuttgart Christmas Markets In Germany”

  1. Isn’t the Stuttgart market just amazing!! We had planned to go yesterday to Stuttgart but I’, currently suffering from extreme pain on my shoulder and neck πŸ™ Next year I will make it, and when I do we will also be visiting the Ludwigsburg & Esslingen markets! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them! #MondayEscapes

  2. You’re right, German Christmas markets are the stuff of dreams. Sadly for me there are no budget flights from where I live to Germany so it’s been years since I’ve been to one. However I have visited in summer and find that Germany is so under rated, it’s such a beautiful country. #mondayescapes

  3. The Germans do the Christmas markets the best! I need to make sure I take my kids there next year – they would love the gingerbread and I would love the mulled wine! #mondayescapes

  4. I have duly noted these and put them top of my wish-list for next year!I can’t believe we still haven’t visited a proper Christmas market in Germany. I’m sure you’re right – the type we get here are lovely , but you do need to see the real thing. I’ve been blown away by your gorgeous pictures! x

  5. What a wonderful experience. I haven’t been to Germany at Christmas but having seen how they do Christmas shops I know you are right about it not being the same here in the U.K. What a great price on the flights too! It definitely makes it worth staying for a few days! #MondayEscapes

  6. I have to agree with you. There is nothing like German Christmas markets. We went to one in Chicago a few weeks ago, and although it was charming (though very crowded) and reminded me a lot of the one I went to in Nuremberg a few years ago, it just wasn’t the same. Thanks for sharing about these Christmas markets. It brought back memories. #mondayescapes

  7. I can really feel your excitement about the markets in your writing. I feel like you have passed that enthusiasm to me. I feel like you in a lot of different ways. Traditions from certain countries have been adopted all over the world (or on certain regions). W e are happy to experience that because, well, it is all we have. But, one we experience the real deal is feels totally different. I would really love to experience these markets. I will battle the cold for that (and cold weather is not my thing). #MondayEscapes

  8. I would love to visit one of these markets. The smells and sights sound just magical. The Christmas market in our city used to come from Germany and I loved it, when it stopped coming the market lost something for me

  9. I can’t imagine what the markets were like. I love visiting the German markets over here but I can imagine they are nothing like the ones in Germany. And I can’t believe the flight is only an hour. My best friend went to Bruge for the markets, and it is definitely something I would like to do with the kids. Just think you could do a different country each year x


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